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    Sculpting the butcher of Berwick

    This will be a Blender only effort. I should mention upfront that the original concept is by Tom McDowell from Orbis Pictus and used with permission. In particular this sketch of a butcher spoke out to me.

    Usually I don't do softbody sculpting, but i'm warming to it as it allows one to quickly knock out a design. Also I realized that the sculpting tools are really quite decent in blender 2.5x. The sculpts by and his playlist are a big inspiration.

    so i'm starting out with a polymodel of apx 2.1k vertices, and this is with 2 level multires :

    At this point i'm not clear how to proceed, sculpt as much as possible? how to do the clothes..
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    Great start! I can't wait to see how it progresses.

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    a headshot, still lacking much detail, little update
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	but_014__003_headshot2.png 
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    pecs and various muscular detailing tomorrow.
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    looking good
    keep the good work!

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    small refinements, click thumbnail

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    Awesome work, love the detail in the hands!

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    openGL render of the head, i'm really enjoying the sculpting!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	butch_014_sc_006i_HEAD_GL_small.jpg 
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    so, how to do clothes? how to pose.. eek. time for some tutorials, any suggestions are welcome.

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    I've never really done too much in the way of clothing, but I'd use the shrinkwrap modifier

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    When using the multires modifier and sculptmode, i figure it's important to be cautious about editing the mesh in editmode. I didn't realize this until it was a little late, but it seems that it isn't a good idea to add/remove geometry. Rotating edges isn't great either. It's OK to move around geometry (verts/edges/faces) but depending on how much sculpting you have done to the surface you will get some deformed results when going back to sculpt view.

    Luckily i save often using various filenames (and sequence numbers) to indicate my i didn't lose a lot of sculpting. Has anyone else experienced similar issues or did i hit the wrong key combo at some point?
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    i'm guessing not many like looking at some massively obese butcher
    maybe he is a little too rotund.
    [edit] - even i am bored of all this flesh.
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    upper arms and ankles next.. not much else of the skin will be visible ..

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    promise. this is the last image without his kit on last chance to critique.

    click thumbnail to view larger.

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    Originally Posted by zeffii View Post
    i'm guessing not many like looking at some massively obese butcher
    No, no don't doubt or crit your work here. I think you have quite a nice thing going. The users of this forum have a tendency to talk too much about the really bad stuff they see, and the really good stuff. The art in the middle, not bad, not mind blowing either, gets disregarded. Basically you either have to suck so much that the n00bs feel allowed to comment, or you have to be so awesome that the pros are impressed enough to offer congratulations. I often wonder why my threads languish without comment, too many people are scared of just saying good job!

    So I will say it. Nice Work Zeffi! The character has tons of attitude. (literally tons =p )

    About the clothes, I don't even model the parts that don't show, I understand your workflow is different than mine. I rely heavily on 2d reference sheets, and I model everything just as I have drawn it. Recently though I have been trying a workflow like this where you sculpt from scratch. So to make clothes for your character, I would use Jose Conseco's method that he used for Lara. (Look in Finished Projects for the walkthrough) The only problem I see with his method, is the fact that it will only generate tight fitting clothes, not a problem for his character, but it might be for yours.

    If I had to complete this task, I would start by drawing on top of an orthographic render, to get some ideas of how I want him to be dressed. Good Luck and keep it up man!
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    Thank you 3dementia, encouraging words are always welcome! This is my first full human. The brief i'm setting myself is simple: Attain a sense of realism without taking too many liberties with the original concept.

    I'm not surprised by the lack of comments, the model is still in early stages and the progress is not fast!
    Also thanks comeinandburn, jonas69 and jake6644. Comments like these do egg me on a little

    Ankles, thumbs and face next. Then it's time to bake the normal map. But i have a decision to make, add clothes after pose, or add clothes to the rig, then pose.
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    I love the lighting and the skin tone.

    To me, fat man "boobs" are not done this way.

    here is an exemple. you can see that, despite it is round and fat, there is a straight line starting from under the arm.

    and there is a kind of Y shape that separate she shoulder from the "boob"

    Sorry if my crit comes too late

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    thanks for that crit benny_flex, look at my reference image linked in the first post.

    i'll have to redo a lot, because i didn't add enough geometry to the basemesh before carving some of the details like skin around the eyes, hands

    the biggest mistake was to not have the face topology ready for more edge loops for the skin folds, much earlier. lesson learnt.

    Dunno why i'm showing this image, a lot of it will be changed by the next revision. but by all means go ahead and crit
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    He looks sooooo much better with his shirt on! Don't be timid with the wrinkles in the cloth. I'm liking the dedication you are showing zeffi!
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    tiny update

    I ploughed on with the tshirt (but haven't convinced myself of the stretchy foldy bits yet), guess it makes sense to remove the underlying geometry of the chest.

    Now a few big decisions
    - I need to fix (add flow control) the thumb and deal with various twisting issues in the wrist. Redoing the arm+hand sculpting from scratch won't be too much work. moaning about doing it probably takes more energy.
    - The head, face as mentioned earlier, needs flowcontrol and extra edgeloops to facilitate the folds around eyes. This i don't look forward to, but i think it is the next step. Back to sculpting.

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    Can*t bear this anymore......those boobs are quite round, try to give them some blocking or flatten them a bit, just a bit ok, round boobs are exclusive related to women, unless your butcher accidentaly taken some special pills.

    Forgive me if it is too late to do it, I beg you for sake! change those boobs please!
    You have here a good work
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