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    Mesh Data Linking Issue

    Hello All! I was wondering if anyone knew how to link two meshes (duplicates of each other with same vertex layout) but not have the reference mesh dictate transform/rotation/scale; I am using Ctrl+L to link the meshes but once I do that it rotates some of the meshes to match the reference mesh. I have applied all transforms/rotations/scales as well as the visual transforms and also set the origin to the individual meshes. I realize I could use Alt+D to create the meshes and then move them as appropriate, but I have already positioned the duplicates so that would be a last option scenario.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    shift D will copy all mat but independant mesh data for the verts

    just Alt-D on your original object then same verts mesh data but independant not being parent child !

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    That is the worst case scenario fix, the issue is that I have already duplicated the objects and moved/rotated them so I was hoping someone might know how to link without it inheriting the transform/rotation/scaling of the referenced mesh.

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    just re did a test with Ctr-l
    and if you select only data it will copy only verts not rotation or scale of original object !

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    just for clarity, that's ctrl-L not ctrl-I
    nodes tutorial on 'stenciling':
    nodes tutorial on custom sequence wipe:

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    That is exactly what I was doing. I am running 2.67b, I have also tried it on 2.66 and 2.66a; I seem to be having an issue with 2.68/2.68a in ubuntu where I get a random sig fault when it attempts to load. What version are you running where this works? is there any other way to clear all transforms and zero the values for them other than Ctrl+A?
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    in Npanel you can always manually change all scale and rot values!
    but take more time! or use the CtrlS and Ctrl-R if i remember well!

    i got 2.68 and SVN 618 on window and it workf fine for me
    so should work unless it is a bug
    Eppo has ubuntu and will try to help this night?

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    If the last selected, active Object, has applied scale, Ctrl-L Copy Object Data works correct, even when scale/rotations/locations is not applied on Objects data is assigned to. Blender r69650 from, on Mint 14, 64 bit.
    Win 32, the same here, no errors.
    During month or so among some 6 versions there was just one occasion when blender would not start up. No segfaults or such.
    There are some glitches here and there of course; latest has issue with curves e.g., but that's expected i figure.

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    Alright, so now I have moved onto another series of objects that should be linked and am having the same exact problem; as you can see in the below image I have zeroed the scale and rotation values for all objects including the last selected and it is still rotating the linked objects. I reloaded a version that is a few weeks old and performed the link and it functioned as I want, the linked objects did not rotate. I then copied/pasted the objects into a brand new instance of Blender and it still messed up; there is clearly a setting somewhere that has been flipped that causes the referenced objects rotation/scale to be transferred even though I do not want it. I really need this ability back as I have quite a few duplicate+linked objects and being able to edit them at the same time is crucial. Any more help would be wonderful.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    get the latest SVN
    if there is a bug then you can report it and it will be corrected!

    test with latest SVN and see if bug is still there!

    happy blendering
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