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Survival Game Project [Volunteer Work] (1)
Help me make an intro for my channel [Volunteer Work] (1)
[PAID] 3d Animator/Modeler - Full time / Part time position - Finland [Paid Work] (1)
PAID work for X-Plane scenery project [Paid Work] (2)
Perspective: Oblique, Cabinet, Cavalier (PAID WORK) [Paid Work] (7)
[Paid] Photo realistic stuffed character + rig needed [Paid Work] (4)
Blender artist required for architectural and/or organic modelling [Paid Work] (6)
Looking for Environment Artist [Paid Work] (8)
Looking for 3d Character Animator [Paid Work] (5)
Rigging a creature in blender [Paid Work] (2)
A script to convert the shapekeys influences into an armature deformation areas [Paid Work] (4)
Experienced 3D Blender Artist [Paid Work] (2)
Look for Anime artist [Volunteer Work] (1)
Looking for 3d creative for a pop up store design [Paid Work] (2)
Looking for freelance blender artist for product modelling [Paid Work] (9)
Looking for a blender expert to fix weight paint for BabylonJS [Paid Work] (2)
3D modeler for a low poly voxel game project - Rituals of the old [Volunteer Work] (5)
Looking for a 3D low poly character artist for low poly RPG style game [Volunteer Work] (7)
Small Indie Studio - Look for Animators and 3D artists [Volunteer Work] (6)
Game Project needs 3D artist [Paid Work] (6)
Team for a short film [Volunteer Work] (1)
Open Source 3D Model of Dealey Plaza [Volunteer Work] (8)
Need estimate to create a 3D model from a drawing [Paid Work] (4)
3D Artist [Paid Work] (1)
Create Pictures [Volunteer Work] (1)
Looking for Volunteer 3d Artist for Overwatch Related Project [Volunteer Work] (1)
Open Movie Documentary Project [Volunteer Work] (1)
Steamboat Studio is looking for more members [Volunteer Work] (3)
JOB POST - Cloud scene setup in cycle render [Volunteer Work] (1)