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Looking for a team for BGE game project [Volunteer Work] (10)
Blender freelancer artist for product renderings [Paid Work] (7)
Please make this ship anchor? [Volunteer Work] (18)
Paid Retopology [Paid Work] (2)
Artist/Designer (Optically Variable Devices) [Paid Work] (4)
Artist/Designer (Optically Variable Devices) [Paid Work] (7)
Seeking Animator for Snake Animation [Paid Work] (5)
Ongoing Modelling work - structural and/or plant/world objects - mid-low poly [Paid Work] (10)
Blender Generalist needed in Cape Town, South Africa [Paid Work] (7)
Simple Low poly ship [Volunteer Work] (3)
Aircraft Models Needed for Simulator [Paid Work] (9)
Experienced Rigger needed this week - Rig and Teach[Blender] [Paid Work] (7)
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Create 360 video from Blender tunnel tutorial [Volunteer Work] (1)
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Looking for Freelance Blender Artist - Workpackage - Models for virtual reality simulator [Paid Work] (2)
Put a sofa in a scene [Paid Work] (4)
Texture artists needed [Paid Work] (5)
Update script to 2.8 + modifications [Paid Work] (2)
B-52 stratofortess [Volunteer Work] (1)
Looking for environment artists for Project Dystopia [Volunteer Work] (2)
Script to export vertex normals to a CSV file [Paid Work] (1)
Animation simulating wind speed effects on tree [Paid Work] (2)
Addon for 2.8 [Paid Work] (2)
Looking for experienced 3D artist for paid job - Anime characters animations for video [Paid Work] (5)
Character modeling artist for Blender [Paid Work] (6)
We are looking for a senior 3D artist [Sci Fi, Space, Realtime - Germany] [Paid Work] (2)
Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (co-programmers wanted) [Volunteer Work] (18)
Blender Generalist (Freelance) needed for 3d Scene Matching and Compositing [Paid Work] (1)