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[SOLVED] [$100] Widowmaker IK and facial rigging [Paid Work] (4)
Need photorealistic 3d human face model from photograph [Paid Work] (1)
Need 7 Models for Game Demo [Volunteer Work] (1)
Jelly blob animations. Razor in the mouth [Paid Work] (3)
Searching Modeler / 3d Generalist for Smatphones Models [Paid Work] (6)
Blender freelancer artist for product renderings [Paid Work] (5)
Blender artists for short sci-fi movie [Paid Work] (3)
Looking for Experienced 3d Blender Artist (Freelancing Work) [Paid Work] (11)
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[eSports org needs] 3D artist / modeller / animator / video editor [Volunteer Work] (3)
Character Rigging Hourly/Daily Rates [Paid Work] (2)
Rigging a character for open sim [Paid Work] (2)
Ongoing Modelling work - structural and/or plant/world objects - mid-low poly [Paid Work] (7)
Join a project. medium to high dificulty level [Volunteer Work] (4)
I want a character created based off photographs. (question about jobs first) [Paid Work] (11)
UI scripting needed for a free addon for blender 2.8 [Volunteer Work] (1)
[3D modelers needed] MMD-based fantasy series (repost) [Volunteer Work] (1)
Modeler and rigger needed [Volunteer Work] (1)
Looking for a architectural visualiser (full time in Switzerland, french part) [Paid Work] (1)
Need someone who can do textures , materials [Volunteer Work] (1)
Portrait/Landscape/Abstract Artists [Paid Work] (1)
Lighting For A Short Narrative Film (Found lighting artist, thank you everyone!) [Paid Work] (3)
Skeleton/ Rigging / Armor Weight / Weight Painting for Armor Mod in game [Paid Work] (3)
Very simple texture request [Volunteer Work] (2)
Looking for 3dartists(RPG project) [Volunteer Work] (1)
18 hat and mask for xcom 2!simple and fast [Volunteer Work] (1)
Need an artist for an animation project [Volunteer Work] (1)
Character + stage + prop modelers needed for RWBY fan series [Volunteer Work] (1)
Lead Blender artist for e-learning games Job in Coventry UK [Paid Work] (3)