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RWBY Character Commissioner (3)
Looking for a team for a top down open world game project! (3)
An Original Space Opera Series (1)
Creating a traffic system for blender : new ideas (1)
1985: Dystopia Simulator needs minimalist environments and 2d art (1)
Looking for animators for a anime (6)
New animated series set in ancient times (2)
Single Project Help Needed (1)
Please texture this sci-fi weapon (7)
23rd Century - Sci-fi saga wants to work with Blender Artists (3)
Star Wars Game Looking For 3D Character Artist (2)
[Rev-Share] Team looking for more Artists! (2)
Looking for Freelance 3D Designers and AR Developers (1)
[Paid $50 - Environment modeling] Need 32 buildings from Laketown (The Hobbit) (6)
Looking for 3D Environmental Artist. [Game Project] [Revenue Share] (1)
Environmental Modeler/3D Animator needed for Team Lovebite! (1)
Help make a character base mesh(potential for pay) (4)
Open short film project, let's make a team of fresh artists (3)
Please smooth out this mesh (3)
Can someone help me to animate (2)
Looking for a modeler to model weapons! (1)
Any pro rigging artist here (1)
[Collaboration] We are looking for a 3D environment artist and character artist (5)
RED Hydrogen One Auto-stereoscopic phone (3)
Pythonscript for Batchrendering and Imagesaving (2)
Animation Film:Street Fighter-Horizons (2)
[3D Artist Needed][Rev-Share] Looking for a Partner to create a series of fast mobile games (3)
An HTTYD Fan Series (1)
Orlando, Fl blender enthusiast! (6)
(Unpaid - Profits share) Looking for Character Animator, Game Prototype (1)