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Looking for character rigger for Short animation - 2 characters (2)
Just looking for someone to make a random project with (7)
Could someone please make the upper-leg part of this robot? (5)
Looking for 3d modelers who can create static objects(realistic/free) (1)
A CHALLENGE to the Blender Community (18)
Possible interest in helping out?...modeling (8)
Beginner help! Pen and Pencil Short Film (2)
Could somebody rig this model (7)
Please smooth out and properly countour this robot leg (3)
VR HoloLens Start-up search for artists (3)
Music note facial features help (1)
Low poly snowy pine tree model (2)
Looking for a 3d modeler(simple models to create)! (1)
Looking for a mentor (5)
[3D modelers needed] MMD-based fantasy animation series (10)
Any help will be handy (4)
[Revenue share] Looking for 3D modeler and animator for voxel RPG (2)
[Collaboration] We are looking for a 3D character creator (2)
Can someone render this please? (9)
The Hero's Journey (2)
Please render this sci-fi weapon to have the camera encircling it (3)
Does anyone here know how to make character hairstyles? (4)
Looking for 3D animator in Pennsylvania (2)
[Marketplace] Looking for 3D/Texture Artist for Nature assets (2)
Interested in joining a team to create VR content? (1)
Looking for a great Unity developer (2)
Looking for someone to partner with (2)
Looking for lighter to join our team (4)
Game Engine Texturing (1)
RWBY Character Commissioner (3)