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  1. develop and improve the source code of blender?
  2. Blender beginner coders group for learning development
  3. Let's write some tooltips! [It's done- Thanks!]
  4. Blenders C(++) plugin system in 2.5?
  5. Getting Started with Blender Coding
  6. Adding Current Revision number to Your Blender Window Title
  7. DiveInto: DNA System
  8. Some people here with almost no or zero programming knowledge (C)?
  9. One possible coding workflow (On Linux)
  10. Tip: Figuring Out How Blender Works
  11. Somewhat OT: The Best Book I've ever Read
  12. Help with Boost Python to wrap C++ functions
  13. C programming repository
  14. calculating centre of mass of object 3d or plane 2d
  15. Kerning Table for renderable text
  16. Blender Source Code Layout Chart
  17. Search Blender Source Code
  18. Download Blender Source Code
  19. [Tutorial Link] How to Create Your Own Custom Modifier in Blender
  20. My Renderer based in Jacco Bikker's Renderer
  21. Playing with Blender Code
  22. bezier lines in colour
  23. How to Open Source with Code::Blocks
  24. Python or Blender Code
  25. OpenEXR Not Found During Build
  26. Used C++
  27. .blend file info?
  28. How to Modify the outliner
  29. HAE used MetalScroll in Visual Studio? Blender's text editor needs on of them!
  30. Modifying the BUTTONS WINDOWS type's interface
  31. Cloth Sim Idea
  32. Help building Blender mac 10.4
  33. Carrot Branch Build
  34. Useful Resources for Beginning Graphics Programming
  35. [SOLVED] Wanted: Origin to 3D cursor script
  36. new wanna be coder
  37. Blender Fullscreen support on Mac OS X Lion 10.7
  38. "B-Cones" - or does anybody have a better name?
  39. Adding value to script (to sphere)
  40. Changine the color of the text in addon popup menu ? (python)
  41. [SOLVED] Whats wrong, managed to build but half the gui missing?
  42. Story of an added controller (how to add a new controller to blender)
  43. Problem in user-config.py
  44. Coding tutorials
  45. Text Editor Enhancements
  46. Building Blender Os X Lion
  47. where in the source does blender define its python to internal data types?
  48. [SOLVED] compile blender 65bt in windows 764bt using eclipse or netbeans
  49. I am looking for source code
  50. Beginner Tips
  51. Beginner question: Where would I start, if I wanted to write my own gesture/shortcut
  52. New Splash, icon etc?
  53. Need a bit of help from who knows cmake
  54. AMR volumetric rendering?
  55. Growing dupliframes BUG since 2.56A
  56. i've Compiled version of blender for my computer
  57. Improving Blender's Timeline??
  58. Multires modifier : adding 'apply modifier to editing cage'
  59. Bone's tail from 4x4 matrix
  60. Map Uv node - How does it work?
  61. my beginner questions
  62. smooth curve x times
  63. Project management
  64. building blender 2.59 with Scons - UnicodeDecodeError
  65. How to add my own 2d glsl filters?
  66. code that was typed in blenders text and ran to see if blende was using gpu
  67. using a Wiimote instead of the SpaceNavigator
  68. Getting fatal error C1083 when building Blender on Win XP using MSVS/Scons
  69. OSX and OpenMP with XCODE
  70. how to start solving a simple problem like that..
  71. delete shape key by name via python
  72. How do I find out if I'm using acceleration for my graphic card?
  73. No python interface?
  74. Backface culling
  75. Window type pulldown
  76. Beginner Question: script in new window, file selection
  77. Compositting Image Manipulation
  78. Streaming skeletal data into Blender
  79. RayCasting in Blender 2.59
  80. Making a Addon, what's required?
  81. More User Friendly Weight Paint and UV Paint menus
  82. GPL license
  83. Blender 2.6 source files - How to compile with CMake?
  84. Exporting Vertex Normals (as opposed to face normals)
  85. fileselector for folder?
  86. i made an import-export add-on and now?
  87. Building Blender with Cycles With Cuda OS X
  88. Where's the button shading code?
  89. Reading render settings from .blend file
  90. Which header(s) to include for bare-minimum of struct definition for Mesh data?
  91. Comming From Java To Python
  92. A theme for a term paper
  93. Compile errors in Scons 2.60 Cycles
  94. Measuring Noise in Cycles Renders
  95. How do I get CMake to compile the complete package.
  96. Building Blender+Cycles in Win64 / MS Visual 2010
  97. I've downloaded all the SVNs, but CMake won't let me build 64 bit. Please help
  98. UVW Map or similar!
  99. Blender as a CAD/Arch viz tool...8-)
  100. Any suggestions for hair particle collision algorithm?
  101. [SOLVED] Singing the Praises of "Join As Shapes"
  102. how can i duplicate an action?
  103. How I can check if the selected vertices already form a face?
  104. number each vertex
  105. I build blender using my own script however the build is not optimized how can i bui
  106. Building Blender+Cycles in Win64 / MS Visual C++ 2008 Express
  107. Need Sound Actuator Scripting Help
  108. [SOLVED] Linux, SVN, CMake: Cycles not being built?
  109. Need help following extremely simple plugin directions.
  110. Blender for electronics
  111. New Blender Development Challenges
  112. Blender_ld under ubuntu 11.04 64bt spikes my cpu usage to more than 100%
  113. Finding the active strip in tweak mode (or NLA edit mode)
  114. RNA proprety or function to expose **links as CollectionPropertyRNA
  115. adding sewing capapilities to cloth simulation, any help with api writing?
  116. Physics following curve (idea)
  117. Question about using python C module with the python module controller.
  118. Need help on DAE file with bone transformation
  119. Want to write a script for file selection?
  120. How to change the scale or size of an object in the BGE through a keystroke?
  121. i want to tweek the game engine but i have no idea how.
  122. [free performance boost] Have anyone tried PGO compile optimization?
  123. Adding armatures
  124. A way to learn Python
  125. Plugin-style custom dll Nodes for Blender?
  126. Idea: Generating audio from the physics engine
  127. lxf. format to blend. format
  128. Problems to build Blender / OSX 10.6
  129. My Cycles-Modifications (WIP)
  130. Which language?
  131. Geometry creation in python: help needed
  132. Bpy.ops needs Context
  133. Minimum RAM required to build CUDA kernel
  134. Help to start learning to make Add Ons
  135. undefined reference to `PyUnicodeUCS4_FromString'
  136. Help building CUDA kernel for blender win64 with CMake and VC++ Express
  137. Just some interesting CUDA news
  138. Minimum distance segment function
  139. Delete all modifiers at one click
  140. Skin structures paper
  141. How to find Render Engine.
  142. [SOLVED] I build the blender by myself, but the UI has a problem when I launch my blender.exe
  143. Size of GUI elements (especially the gaps between them)
  144. Can the C++ Header File 'python.h' Still be Used with Visual C++ 2010?
  145. [SOLVED] Real Time Python
  146. Mesh Deform: who is the developer owner to contact him for a proposal?
  147. BGE competition, developer category
  148. Blender developers should be aware of this paper on realtime fluid simulation
  149. [WIP] MeshPy v1.0.3
  150. Refreshing the 3D view scene
  151. UV Offset modifier
  152. Adding frames without keying sets
  153. Create a simple GUI: entering values and create buttons
  154. Custom Tool Panel
  155. Rotation with matrix
  156. [SOLVED] Trigger and Driven using Particles, Dynamic Paint, Displace Modifier
  157. Execute a script without using the GUI
  158. New to programming in general
  159. Build Blender (MacOsX) : Fetch sources from svn using a previous release of blender
  160. c heap
  161. Import .mhx and set Filepath and operators
  162. i need an example for real time input
  163. 6950 and 2.62.......is it working yet
  164. Starting developing tools for Blender in C?
  165. SVN untrusted certificate issuer question
  166. Update Menu?
  167. Reading color information from UV
  168. HOW TO build Blender with a specific patch?
  169. Error With Compiling Adaptive Topology Win32 Build
  170. Blender power up project
  171. Building Blender w/MSVC++ 2008 x64 & Nvidia CUDA/SDK
  172. Merge cylinder vertices to a quad, by slecting via bpy.ops.mesh.select_non_manifold
  173. Blender power up [SUGGESTION]
  174. Blender power up [Discussion]
  175. Object(s) intersection points scripting
  176. Blender tutorials
  177. some questions about Blender and Python
  178. Blender Camera Object Needs Major Updating
  179. [SOLVED] Enable background image in 3D View Space when not aligned to an axis or camera?
  180. [SOLVED] Face and mesh not centered, BUG??
  181. Compiling Blender in Qt Creator failing ?
  182. Open a text script in blender and execute it in OS
  183. Docmentation about Blender's C API?
  184. simpleAndSteady
  185. Cycles + [Luxrender] network = ????
  186. Issues building blender and the BGE
  187. Is math necessary for Blender programming?
  188. newbie question, about UI redesign
  189. Retrieve coordinates of all selected vertices?
  190. [CONTEST] Blender Sourcerers Competition
  191. [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos
  192. CodeAnalysis
  193. [Addon] Camera Motion Control
  194. Compiling Blender 2.6 with Python 2.7
  195. Compiling blender plugins on OS X 10.5.6
  196. Interface
  197. converting particle systems
  198. Fire Physics
  199. Training new developers - some resources
  200. SVN Head: AttributeError: 'Mesh' object has no attribute 'faces'
  201. Open a file from Blender using python
  202. Lead me to a decent file format.
  203. cMaKe
  204. Real time physic when modeling?
  205. [SOLVED] Creating a new actuator linker errors
  206. improved mouseover bubble
  207. Spot light cone
  208. programing python in blender
  209. [SOLVED] Cmake -- Codeblocks -- Windows -- error
  210. List of questions concerning proper coding and defects ?
  211. first time compiling blender in windows
  212. python programing for blender game engne
  213. [SOLVED] code fails
  214. Getting/setting mouse position and screen dimensions
  215. [SOLVED] script to shoot bullet not working
  216. CMake/Mingw now works out of the box (r45556)
  217. Blender cloth simulator air pressure enhancement
  218. blender devloping
  219. help needed: bullet physic without game engine
  220. Blender oddities that would be nice to fix
  221. A Blender GUI Framerwork?
  222. Compile stopping at stubs.c'
  223. How to add this fracture-system to Blender?
  224. how do i get the location of an object, and set another object to its location.
  225. How to get Python Script -> Cython -> Blender
  226. Blender SVN vs MSVC 2010
  227. Is it possible to create an object with bmesh without use an existing mesh?
  228. Automatic updater?
  229. Addon, control gameengine objects and videoplayback from the blender ui
  230. Toggle Wireframe On Shaded
  231. Double precision fork of Blender
  232. Building and update Blender
  233. projects.blender.org - bug tracker - aaarrrrghhhhh!
  234. Perspective Camera code.
  235. Revision 46383 by Brecht Van Lommel
  236. Building Blender as Pymodule problem
  237. Blender export for Java applications
  238. GLSL viewport BackFace culling build
  239. Blender Internal render - document, structure and so on...
  240. Help me make Blender more animator friendly.
  241. Silhouette texture with bumpmaps - a suggestion
  242. Building Blender without Compositor?
  243. Smooth vertex does strange things on mesh border.
  244. Processors and Blender
  245. Error getting Blender source from svn (Solved)
  246. Dithering Node Algorithms
  247. .diff for modifier and node
  248. Idea: Coordinate system utility class for import/export
  249. [SOLVED] Local settings in custom build.
  250. Extrude Modifier of Text Objects