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  1. Flowers OSL
  2. Hue Ramp OSL
  3. Random Color OSL
  4. Laser Sheet OSL
  5. Five Input Add Shader with Noise Factor
  6. OSL for fulldome
  7. Puffy Clouds
  8. Lens-flare Shader for Cycles with real time preview.
  9. PYLA, PhYsically correct LAyers with OSL
  10. Images lerp
  11. QUIP : Fast Environment Integration
  12. Wood with knots
  13. A color stencil node.
  14. Starscape Texture OSL
  15. osl shader for Damas
  16. Lace curtain shader
  17. New Procedural Shader Library
  18. Noodles, fibers & curly hairs shader
  19. generating unique snowflakes for particle systems
  20. Drawing cubic splines in OSL
  21. [WIP] Volumetric Smoke in Cycles
  22. Bevel shader
  23. Multiple transmissive objects as just one surface
  24. Global Variable question
  25. 'Dirt and decay' with Osl shading...
  26. random based uv mover
  27. simple OSL diffuse/toon -> ramp ??
  28. Atmospheric scattering (from space) - Help needed
  29. request of some info about opengl and python
  30. Procedural hexagon shader
  31. displacement mapping osl nodes
  32. various displacements plus other colors in cycles HELP
  33. Diffraction Grating Shader
  34. ambient_occlusion function
  35. Re-using a surface shader
  36. procedural tiling by regular polygons
  37. polkadot like texture with OSL for bump mapping etc
  38. how can i get such noise / algorithm, osl, cycles
  39. chaos mosaic shader
  40. Strips shader: a tree bark basic building block
  41. Is u coordinate available to Cycles OSL ?
  42. How to transform world space vertex to camera space position in Cycles OSL?
  43. Cavity OSL shader download
  44. Basics!
  45. Greebles
  46. Voronoi shader with different distance metrics
  47. Juggler Tribute in OSL
  48. How close are we to getting OSL on the GPU?
  49. Object Indexer Input Shader Node
  50. Noise vs anisotropy: a different procedural noise
  51. OSL Mason 1.0 - Procedural bricks
  52. OSL something usefull or just a nerdy toy?
  53. A clear cut line shader?...
  54. PBR metal shader with accurate Fresnel based on complex refractive index (script)
  55. UPDATED v1.6: Thin film interference / iridescence and metals (script)
  56. Cracks, Creases, Lightening etc in OSL
  57. Need help with Opne GL Mist
  58. New Chaos Group Additional procedural noises
  59. The CutAway Shader
  60. rng_uniform function typo
  61. Trying debug value info possible bug?
  62. OSL Noise Detail, Distortion