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  1. OSL Goodness
  2. OSL Porting from RSL
  3. Tiles Texture OSL
  4. Using OSL to reduce render times
  5. Tex Gen OSL
  6. Creating leaf shapes with OSL in Cycles
  7. OSL Just for CPU ?
  8. Need Basic OSL to more advanced.
  9. Creating leaf shapes with OSL part II: veins
  10. a Gabor noise node for OSL
  11. Normal Map, Bump Map and Specular Map Generator in OSL?
  12. Simplex noise for OSL
  13. OSl Groups
  14. X-ray shader / Edge detect node
  15. Flow noise for OSL
  16. OSL only materials?
  17. Nodes vs OSL (kinda)
  18. tiles texture with rounded corners
  19. Scales Shader
  20. First shader
  21. Cycles Toon Shader
  22. OpenShading competition: Architecture
  23. weathering effects texture
  24. [Solved] How to compile OSL shaders from Python ?
  25. A Grunge Texture
  26. Advanced Glass Shader Needs Critiques!
  27. Five Input Add Shader
  28. Pixelating shader
  29. OSL self-destruction ?
  30. GAO help
  31. Shadow-only shader?
  32. Passing information about another object into OSL shader
  33. Need Help Combining Shaders
  34. A starfield shader
  35. Shadow / Reflection only Material- OSL
  36. OSL compile failing on sample in documentation due to min, max metadata
  37. Compile OSL from Console with useful Debug info
  38. Creating OSL Closures
  39. Tricks with the incidence/view vector
  40. Implement Phong shading for color output?
  41. OSL getattribute() Crash
  42. Sublime Open Shading Language Plugin
  43. OSL for GPU?
  44. OSL Object Space to "UV" Space Transform - This may be a simple vector math question
  45. void displace (vector offset) problem
  46. Some OSL debugging tips
  47. OSL for anamorphic glare
  48. Creating knots in wooden planks [WIP]
  49. QUIP : Quick HDRI Environment Map Integration
  50. Random points on unit sphere in OSL
  51. Wire frame shader parameters&
  52. Simple OSL ... Color Match node and Color Mix node
  53. Is a matte shadow shader even possible in OSL?
  54. viewing angle + distance to colorcode
  55. Data Types
  56. OSL screen node
  57. "dinamically" addressing an input closure
  58. Bezier curve as input to texture / shader?
  59. Error -Attempted to write to a constant value?
  60. OSL script node does not wok for me at all.
  61. Data storage for usage within OSL
  62. OSL Cross Platform Compatibility
  63. Bug in Fractal Script
  64. How to make an OSL that detects the distance of objects? See example.
  65. Sierpinski mandalas from GLSL to OSL
  66. OSL: what does a closure actually do.
  67. Performance of texture(...) calls
  68. Ray path information
  69. OSL Scripts No Longer Compile in 2.69.8
  70. OSL "standard" shader library
  71. Correct Transparency in OSL
  72. OSL in Vray 3.0and Cycles, the differences
  73. Volume shading experiments for tree crowns
  74. Osl glossy indirect pass
  75. Uniform [0,1] value
  76. Downloadable OSL/Shader files??
  77. Blacklight with OSL?
  78. blender crashing using OSL & render view ( 2.67 and up)
  79. Settling of particles in suspension with Blender and OSL using volumetrics
  80. Grid OSL shader
  81. osl crash... sometimes??
  82. OSL : Displacement Functions
  83. Question about Volumes in OSL
  84. The VRay Example Shaders
  85. Procedural Hexagon Texture Script
  86. Auto-compile OSL shader on render?
  87. Network rendering with Home and Work machines.
  88. Shaders compile but their output is ignored
  89. OSL Slicer Shader WIP
  90. Fractal Noise Generator Shader
  91. Crazy Neon Shader
  92. Pyramid Volumetric Shader
  93. OSL ward - error: function 'ward' was not declared in this scope
  94. Four Star value for ebook. Here are my four star OSL shaders.
  95. True Displacement True or False
  96. Mix shader fails with OSL
  97. OSL Sky Texture Issue
  98. Nishita Sky Shader Troubles.
  99. High Contrast Toon Shader With Silhouette
  100. Volumetric Cloud Shader
  101. error: could not find include file: stdosl.h
  102. Color For Background Shader Not Working
  103. Atmospheric Scattering Shader
  104. Volumetric Flare Shader
  105. MandelBox Volumetric Shader
  106. It's me or atan2. is buggy ? // solved it is me
  107. wood osl
  108. OSL Speed
  109. Help starting OSL scripting in blender
  110. Writing GPU supported Shaders
  111. Renderman for Blender vs. OSL
  112. OSL Livecoding with audio
  113. Easy UDIM Texture Node
  114. {help} Turning cycles' node in to OSL problem
  115. OSL edge renderer
  116. how to render Shinsuke IRIE's toon in 2.7?
  117. Black dots appear when rendering
  118. camera position into OSL script
  119. Wiki missing link
  120. Understanding camera incidence angle
  121. Blender geometry shader help
  122. Brief OSL capabilities?
  123. Rippled Round Transparent Box Shader
  124. Problem!! Help please
  125. Get a random value for each sample?
  126. Budha Brot Basis (based on Paul Bourke's script)
  127. Method to distort coordinates according to fake velocity field?
  128. [SOLVED]OSL and HDRI World
  129. "Cracks, Creases, Lightening etc in OSL" Implementation
  130. Shader alike GLSL running at GPU in Blender Cycles Render.
  131. [SOLVED] shader boundaries
  132. Is a surface-based Atmospheric Perspective node possible?
  133. Something similar to BEER with OSL?
  134. OSL-data from image texture (mac) [SOLVED]
  135. can a osl volume shader be made glossy ?
  136. appleseed OSL port of alShaders - New
  137. Started playing with OSL yesteday. It fails feeding output (color) to receiving node!
  138. Please, help
  139. Can OSL use amount of light as a factor?
  140. Osl complex library
  141. Help! I am noob!
  142. verticies unwanted conections
  143. use osl to create custome math node?
  144. mandelbrot confusion
  145. in depth OSL, where to start?
  146. Do recursive functions work in OSL?
  147. Notepad and OSL
  148. smooth procedural textures with smoothstep?