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05-Nov-07, 12:06
Who thinks they can make this in blender? Well this is my challenge to make this in blender. You can render with any external engine you want (Yafray indigo etc.) just have it done by Friday.

05-Nov-07, 13:11
It looks like a bunch of mobius strips with empty space in the middle of each. Nope. I looked again and it has two twists for each strip.
The difficult part of this would be getting the strips to fit around the cylinders. The cylinders also have to curve just a little.
There are 4 rings interlocking each other.

Well, that's my examination of the object. I don't have time to do anything with blender this week though. Oh well....

06-Nov-07, 01:30
and the winner is.... ME! XD
speed-wise anyway.
http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/6384/glpreviewvz9.th.jpg (http://img64.imageshack.us/my.php?image=glpreviewvz9.jpg)
modeling done. working on materials.

if anyone else wants to play around with the materials, you can use my blend (http://www.sendspace.com/file/ody8pq)

07-Nov-07, 12:41
My Attempt isn´t that acurate. I have some trouble to fit thouse tubes in aswell.
I think i can do it but it will take me a few more tries....
If this competition is over, would you mind to post how you did it?

07-Nov-07, 18:17
I don't think it is over, so if i post how I did it it kind of ruins it.
after it is over i will post a tutorial if people want.

07-Nov-07, 23:33
I don't think it is over, so if i post how I did it it kind of ruins it.Yeah, thats what i meant (maybe i should have used when instead of if though).
Thank´s in advance to share it, whenever you do.

the blenderizer
08-Nov-07, 15:28
after it is over i will post a tutorial if people want.
yes please do.
that would be awsome!:yes:

08-Nov-07, 19:06
intresting i may try :)

08-Nov-07, 19:30
Transparency and shadows came out a bit less saturated than I would have liked, but that's okay. The model ended up thicker and thinner than the original, but I like it! Good challenge!
http://www.peripheralarbor.com/gallery/d/3160-6/awesomechallenge.jpg (http://www.peripheralarbor.com/gallery/d/3159-4/awesomechallenge.jpg)
Pure blender, rendered with Yafray plugin.

09-Nov-07, 02:31
I tried but took a few wrong turns and ended up here.

Tried again with more luck this time. Blender internal render.

09-Nov-07, 23:05
heres my try.


10-Nov-07, 16:36
And my try

Indigo with Z-blur (i think its called that:o)


edit: ups too late, didn't see that it had to be finish yesterday. anyway, had fun making it!

11-Nov-07, 20:07
I am also trying, I hope i will finish in 2 days.

11-Nov-07, 22:24
my 2nd try. Just now I am doing .... Gap has to be reduced.

12-Nov-07, 14:57
I know this is not exactly what you want but I wrote a tutorial to create a kind of Mobius Strip, a long time ago. An example of what we can get with it :


I'm sorry, it is in French but I have putted a lot of pictures so you would be able to understand the method.


13-Nov-07, 00:58
Many Many thanks Traveen. I am downloading the pdf file.

13-Nov-07, 14:28
Many Many thanks Traveen. I am downloading the pdf file.


I know my tutorial isn't perfect and an important step isn't describeb because i speak only about the method, the mesh must be worked again before the end step (for have a 'light' mesh).

Enjoy http://traven.warrenberberd.org/images/smiley_traven.gif

07-Dec-07, 18:08
i made a copy of that image about a year ago and rendered it in povray


btw, it was modeled in blender, not topmod :p

08-Dec-07, 14:23
ok, this is my try at this :)

modeled and rendered in blender, sorry for the small image, my computer is to slow.

ops, miss the glass cut :(

ok, update with the cut's.

08-Dec-07, 19:47
so who won?

10-Dec-07, 05:23
Here is my try. Please give me some suggestion. Thank U :)

11-Dec-07, 18:05
well since i'm trying to learn python, i came up with the idea to do a script for a twisted torus, so i pick up the script of the torus from the blender scripts dir. and i've inserted a twist ;)


13-Dec-07, 08:18

Just stunning. Any chance of a tutorial or a screen shot of your set up?

11-Jan-08, 10:40
your twists have me in a twisted fix..i wanna learn how to model this..i am getting fan shapes and not what is shown above..where can i download the tutorial?

12-Jan-08, 00:18
hi, try my script, it's a modified script from the torus, then you just have to face loop select. That's how i made mine.

hope it helps

12-Jan-08, 21:48
hi paulo_gomes,
could u upload u r script somewhere else or here..the link above takes me to a page i can't fathom....:(

12-Jan-08, 23:01
Name: 'Twisted Torus'
Blender: 243
Group: 'AddMesh'
import BPyAddMesh
import Blender
from math import cos, sin, pi

def add_torus(Raio_Torus, Raio_Circulo, Seccoes_Torus, Vertices_Circulo, Voltas):
Vector = Blender.Mathutils.Vector
RotationMatrix = Blender.Mathutils.RotationMatrix
vertices = []
faces = []
i1 = 0
total_vertices = Seccoes_Torus * Vertices_Circulo

for major_index in xrange(Seccoes_Torus):
mtx = RotationMatrix( 360 * float(major_index)/Seccoes_Torus, 3, 'z' )
rotvoltas = 2*pi*major_index/Seccoes_Torus * Voltas

for minor_index in xrange(Vertices_Circulo):
angle = (2*pi*minor_index/Vertices_Circulo) + rotvoltas

print mtx
vertices.append( Vector(Raio_Torus+(cos(angle)*Raio_Circulo), 0, (sin(angle)*Raio_Circulo)) * mtx )

if minor_index+1==Vertices_Circulo:
i2 = (major_index)*Vertices_Circulo
i3 = i1 + Vertices_Circulo
i4 = i2 + Vertices_Circulo

i2 = i1 + 1
i3 = i1 + Vertices_Circulo
i4 = i3 + 1

if i2>=total_vertices: i2 = i2-total_vertices
if i3>=total_vertices: i3 = i3-total_vertices
if i4>=total_vertices: i4 = i4-total_vertices
faces.append( (i3,i4,i2,i1) )

return vertices, faces

def main():

Draw = Blender.Draw
Raio_Torus = Draw.Create(1.0) # Raio do torus
Raio_Circulo = Draw.Create(0.25) # Raio do circulo que vai formar o torus
Seccao_Torus = Draw.Create(48) # Nº de secções do torus
Vertices_Circulo = Draw.Create(16) # Nº de vertices do circulo q vai formar o torus
Voltas = Draw.Create(1) # Nº de voltas

if not Draw.PupBlock('Adiciona Twisted Torus', [\
('Raio do Torus:', Raio_Torus, 0.01, 100, ''),\
('Raio do Circulo:', Raio_Circulo, 0.01, 100, ''),\
('Secções do Torus:', Seccao_Torus, 3, 256, ''),\
('Vertices do Circulo:', Vertices_Circulo, 3, 256, ''),\
('Nº de Voltas:', Voltas, 0, 5, ''),\

# Chama a função add_torus e atribui o resultado nas variáveis vertices e faces
vertices, faces = add_torus(Raio_Torus.val, Raio_Circulo.val, Seccao_Torus.val, Vertices_Circulo.val, Voltas.val)

# Função para adicionar uma mesh
BPyAddMesh.add_mesh_simple('Torus', vertices, [], faces)


here it is, is a copy of the add torus but with a extra field that sets the number of twists ;)

13-Jan-08, 04:06
Please comment on this, How much left?

13-Jan-08, 04:10
Without Torus

13-Jan-08, 10:57
@kkrawal: when rendering something on a basic plan make sure it extends far enough to not see the corners (so having a horizon no probs but make sure its wide enough)
The texture based alpha value of the orange rings is kinda odd.
Let your name not cast shadows, it's very distracting.

But the model is good.

13-Jan-08, 11:32
Thanks. See another view

13-Jan-08, 20:56
It looks nice, but the original didn't have one continuous ring. It has several separate rings.

13-Jan-08, 21:46

I think original also has same type of rings. Please tcrazy guide me about the rights. please show your model without torus.

13-Jan-08, 23:39
Here you go kkrawal. I had fun with the picture and highlighted each ring for you.


14-Jan-08, 03:08
Hi samf
I think the actual idea that Torus should rotate on z axis.
Rotation you can see here.
Even though it is not that model, but I am happy that I have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things while creating this.