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30-May-03, 02:44
what is the *.blend1 file? its really annoying me, it seems to do nothing but clutter up my folder.

30-May-03, 03:02
It's an incremental backup of an automatic temporary file. By default, Blender only saves one revision, though you can increase this to 32. It's a .blend file format, just with a different extension, so you can have .blend1 .blend2 .blend3 etc. for as many auto saves as you have chosen in the user preferences.

Maybe it would be a good idea to change this to a default of blahblah.blend, blahblah.1.blend, blahblah.2.blend.

It would make things a bit nicer (for example) on windows where you'd want to double-click a .blend file to open it. .blend1 .blend2 etc. wouldn't have the file types registered by default...

/me makes a note

30-May-03, 14:38
broken said,

It's an incremental backup of an automatic temporary file

This is not entirely correct. The *.blend1 file is a save version file. You will notice it only appears the second time you save a file. Your previous file is renamed *.blend1, this would allow you to revert to the previous file as a sort of undo. You can open the .blend(#) file and yes you can set up to 32 versions of the file to save. The button to control this setting is in the hidden menu at the top of the interface. Pull down on the top divider bar to reveal the menu or select the "i" icon from the window types button list.

The Auto Temp Save is a separate backup which saves your file to a temporary directory which you specify. It will do this at 1 to 60 minute intervals. Load temp will open this file. This has saved me many times!

30-May-03, 20:20

Yes, you're right mthoenes. The .blend1 files in your working directories and the temp files are two different things.

31-May-03, 08:55
umm how exactly does the temp file naming work? to me it seems like they are just random numbers and it's really hard to find the one I need.


31-May-03, 12:03
I don't know how they're numbered, but i think that the numerical ordering matches the chronological ordering (ie earlier ones have lower numbers)

There's also a "load temp" button which loads the latest temp file


31-May-03, 16:21
Oh, hehe, i never saw that button. That solves a lot of my problems.