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19-Jul-03, 03:05
Hi guys,

Simple question. If I am drawing lines using vertices and I have 2 separate vertices intersecting. How do I join these vertice points?

19-Jul-03, 06:28
i'm not sure what you mean from your explanation, but try selecting the 2 vertices that you want joined and tehn press alt-m and select at center (blender 2.27)...

If this is not what you meant, please try explaining again...


19-Jul-03, 12:54
To join 2 vertices select them both using shift + RMB, then press P.

19-Jul-03, 13:48
I think you mean "F"... ;)

20-Jul-03, 03:26
Thanks for the responses.

"F" is helpful though these responses do not quite solve my question. Say I want a vertice to intersect and join at a point on a line between two other vertices. How do I create a "new" vertice intersection point? Or say I have two separate vertice points meeting together and I want them to join and become one vertice, i.e. 2 vertice points meeting at 90 degree angles to become a square.

20-Jul-03, 05:48
Oops I meant F yes, must have been tired when I wrote that ;)

There's no direct way of doing what you ask as far as I'm aware. It's all down to playing around with the vertices you already have and creating new ones. If you want to join a new vertex at a point between 2 others, first select those 2 vertices and press W > Subdivide. This will create a new vertex inbetween them you can connect to.

20-Jul-03, 12:17
If you have a single loop (a line of verts joined by edges) you can select the two verts and subdivide.
If you want to do the same thing in a loop with faces either side of it You can do the same but if the two verts that you want to subdivide are one edge of a quad, then subdivision will divide that face into triangles as Blender does not support ngons (faces with more than 4 verts)
To join two verts from two different loops Shft-Rmb select the two verts, scale them together till the value in the bottom left corner of the screen is 0.000 and remove doubles. In 2.27 use merge.