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28-Mar-09, 03:16
Hi, this is my latest 3D model - Anna, a beautiful young lady. Please tell me what you think about her - modeling, textures and everything that comes to your mind.

28-Mar-09, 03:42
First, a rant: Why do people keep modeling sexy girls? I mean ... never a sexy boy. *sigh*
Ok, I'm just kidding ;)

I have the feeling that several parts of her body have the wrong proportions. It's an overall feeling, so it's hard to tell exactly what is wrong, I'll try anyway but maybe I'll make mistakes:
Her head seems too small compared to the body.
Her shoulders seem a bit too wide - but maybe that's the tiny head that gives that feeling.
There's something wrong with her leg lenght. I think that it's the shin/calves/whatever-is-the-name that are too short compared to her thighs.
Well ... her upper body seems to be at a different scale than the lower body. Like... legs and bottom at 1.0 , and torso/shoulders/arms at 1.1 (and head at 0.9 ;) )
On the back view, her bottom looks like it's very flat. (no side view so it's hard to tell)
Her face could be improved. Her lips looks very streched (maybe you wanted to do Julia Robert's mouth? :) ) and the "relief" of the lips looks a bit weird, but once again, it'll be easier to tell with a side view. (Same for the cheeks).

Appart from that, I'm amazed at the hand/arms/neck part, the modeling there is very good. (The rest of the body too - appart from the little porportions inconsistencies - but for some reason that's the arms that impress me the most).

28-Mar-09, 04:03
Thanks Rore,

you have mentioned exactly the areas that I myself had doubts about already, but I have looked at her so long, that I couldn't say anymore what is wrong.

Here is a side view of the head.

I'd like to hear more comments and after a break of a few days will try to improve the problematic areas.

Thanks for looking at my model!

28-Mar-09, 06:57
use an alpha map for the hair its makes it taper at the ends making it look much better.
In the material for the hair, make a texture and have a colorband with White at one end, and alpha at the other. move the white closer to the alpha to get longer hair.
Hope this helps

28-Mar-09, 15:43
This is a big help if you want to improve your face, there are many other tutorials, some better but this one is good although the diagrams are a bit basic.


28-Mar-09, 16:11
A very expressionless face.

28-Mar-09, 18:22
Hi petersk

I know exactly what you mean about looking at something too long you cant see any problems, at uni we were told to take our drawings to the bathroom and look at them in the mirror! although it dose not work if you have something that is symmetrical.

The first thing that looked odd to me was the body it is too wide the groan looks square and has no depth.

To me it looks like a classic case of working off of reference that has prospective distortion! It also looks like you are modeling it of a front and side picture, you need to remember that if you follow just those two images you will get very square and flat features. find some three quarter view reference.

Here are some reference I use,I dont know where i got them from so i cant credit the artist :( but there not mine!

28-Mar-09, 19:03
It is very nice work, it just needs some finishing touches, I think. But before you do so, you should take a break for one week or so. At least it allways works for me (not only when I am modelling in blender) :)

Btw. I am quite amazed by the ribcage, I like the detail very much.

Anyway, here are my observations (apart from those mentioned previously by other people):
- She has very "fanatic" look in her face. I guess it is probably due to exaggeratedly pronounced cheekbones. (She's gonna have very nasty wrinkles around her mouth when she gets older :D )
- Belly is too flat, seems almost sunken.
- Hands (especially fingers) are to big for a girl, they look a bit like male hands.
- If you have a look at several random female faces, you'll probably notice they have mostly triangular shape with light, smaller jaw - so there may also be the source of my strange feeling from her face.

I want to say that these remarks are very subjective and I may be wrong, but I hope they will be helpful anyway ;)

29-Mar-09, 00:02
nice job on this model so far... do you mind posting wires?
The head does look a bit small compared to the body. The chest looks just a little too wide. Thighs look ok until they attach to the body, then things look too flat between the navel & crotch area.
The top part of the face looks boxy n flat, and the corners of the mouth and the mesh around them are pushed too far back, she looks like she's supposed to be smiling. I'm thinking the neck is too skinny, compared to the body, and in the 3/4 view of the head.
The shape of her eyes are making her look shocked... could try to give the upper lid a more natural relaxed curve as it goes down to the outter corner of the eye.

29-Mar-09, 00:15
I agree with what others have said. I think with some tweaking your real close to a realistic model. The head seems to be like the area that requires the most tweaking. For example, the nose is really large. I just finished watching this last night:


You can watch them for free or pay to download all the videos. If you download them you get the blend files to study from. One tip I learned was while your doing final tweaking to turn on perspective view and that gives a better sense of how it realistically looks. Hope that helps.

29-Mar-09, 02:22
Nice model. Looks kinda' like Cameron Diaz.

The lower abdomine could use some defining curvatures where it meets the hip.

29-Mar-09, 04:55
Thank you all sooo much!!! You are very, very helpful!!!

I'll take the advice of wicinoo and take a break for several days, then I will read again all your comments and rework the head and some other areas.
As for the references - I have used pictures of at least two different girls and that's obviously part of the problem.

29-Mar-09, 16:58
Well, to add to your problems, here's another girl. ;)
I've tried to match eyeball and chin to highlight some proportion problems. Placement and size of the nose is off, which affects the lips as well.

30-Mar-09, 01:49
One thing about lips that many amateur modelers make is the "smile syndrome" where they always model the corners of the lips up.That's not normal for humans.If you look at the side shot face pictures, notice the natural position of the lip's corner.It's on it's natural plane.Also, when persons smile, the corners draw back not up (like a smiley face).Sometimes the best rotoscope model is a mirror and your own face.I could go on and on about common mistakes on facial modeling and animation but this will suffice.Keep up the good work.

30-Mar-09, 02:18
Also on the eyes, again there's the "wide eyes staring" problem.When the face is in neutral pose, the top eyelid slightly comes down over the iris and the lower lid goes up slightly. Remember, they eyes really make the face so, if the eyes are modeled in a "trancelike" position.It's going to throw the face off.

02-Apr-09, 13:15

I have worked on the head and the body today. Here are some new renders. Sorry for the tiny size, but I couldn't wait for a bigger render.

I will be glad to hear your comments on the changes I have made :)


02-Apr-09, 15:13
That is definitely better, especially the face (lips, cheekbones) - much nicer. I still think she has very flat belly and also the part of her tighs in front (right below the hips, where legs connect to the body) - it seems like an invisible bag or box is sitting in her lap. But it is difficult to tell, maybe if you posted some side or perspective render, it would be clearer.

Anyway, it is getting better, keep up the good work ;)

02-Apr-09, 16:38
Thanks wicinoo,

tomorrow I will render some more views and see how the belly looks in different positions. It has much more relief now. For the tighs - yes you are right, again ;) maybe...

02-Apr-09, 17:15
Erm, yeah.........Perv ;)

13-Apr-09, 07:03
Yep, another update ;)

13-Apr-09, 08:30
one more :)

The shape of the head (and the body) are better now, I think?

But I am having problems with the renders, or more precisely with the lighting - the render come out grayish and dull, the colors are not so vibrant as on the color map itself...

15-Apr-09, 03:14
Now the head seems proporionaly too big for the neck, i'm just not sure whether in all dimensions or just in front-back axis. Try to cover the neck in the rendered picture with your finger and then imagine in your mind where in reality neck would be and how big it would be - or compare it to some real picture.

15-Apr-09, 03:20
As for the color problem - i'm still very inexperienced user of blender, so i can't help much, but i would check lighting settings of your scene in the first place.

17-Apr-09, 17:04
For the colour problem, make sure you have reflect set up to full in the shaders tab. That may solve it

21-Apr-09, 11:06

I have some new renders to share with you. This time they are done with Kerkythea.

Take a look ;)

Josip Kladaric
21-Apr-09, 12:54
Awesome !
Will you ever upload the blend file? I want to make a lowpoly version.

22-Apr-09, 01:11
Glad you like her! :)

I am not going to upload the blend file, because I am actually hoping to sell the model. Not that I don't want to release the model, I am an open source guy, but my business (web design/development) doesn't go very well lately (it actually doesn't go at all - I haven't got a single contract for months). So if I manage to sell some 3D models and textures it would be of help :) Sorry that I have disappointed you :(

Take care!

22-Apr-09, 08:06
I'm still not sold on the face. I think there is a lot to still be done around the mouth to get a more dynamic feel to it. The lips seem very plain. If you look at the picture posted the lips look very soft and suptle (fleshy) while in the model they look like extrusion out of the face. The modeling issues near the mouth are also throwing off the cheeks to an extent. The impression given is that you tried to model a smile in the cheeks but not anywhere else. You need to find a good side shot of cameron diaz to get those lips and cheeks to start playing nicely.

22-Apr-09, 09:50
Agree :yes:. The distance between the eyes should be shorter. Now she reminds me a bit of Daffy Duck and I don't think that's a compliment to a woman. :no:

22-Apr-09, 19:42
The dark render may be the result of the model vertex color being gray. Check to see if thats the case.

cindy lou
25-Apr-09, 22:00
Well after all those comments I have only two. The bodys fine for now. You have to balance out the the work between face and body. The pupils are not good. Its throwing your whole face off. You can proportion everything to death but if you cant believe the pupils you have nothing. They look like a drawing. Add spec. I dont see any reflection. Theres no subtle curve reaction between the pupil and skin. I see white in the corners, think about a pale red w/some spec? You need an eye with depth and reflection. The eye is the path to the soul. I think if you worked on your eyes your work as a whole would improve. Let me see if I can find a example....

Without a repeat go to Materials..strands..and thin down the ends of the hair and play with it...I dont know...I like the body...got a phone number? O.K. that was just cheap...sorry...Cindy

O.K. go to "blender noob to pro..pixar looking eyes" or just "blender pixar eyes"...these are eyes sometimes used in pixar animations but at least it shows you the depth that your lacking...It sort of looks like you have some depth...but yea I cant pinpoint whats wrong..maybe its just the color? Help me out..anyone else on the eyes?

26-Apr-09, 04:04
@Cindy: I am very happy to hear that you like the body!!! I am happy with the body too, at least for now. Maybe just the hands are somewhat coarse, but that's easy to correct. The problems with the eyes that you speak of are problems of the materials and render settings. Below is a render taken at the same time as those in the previous post - there is some reflection, but not strong enough.

I see two biggest issues now - the modeling of the mouth/cheeks/chin area and the materials and render settings. Oh and I should redo the hair from scratch... :)

@jessegp: I don't know why, but I can't solve the problem with this grayish renders coming out of blender. It's not the vertex color. The increase of the reflectivity just leads to overexposure of the bright parts. It is most likely a lighting problem like wicinoo says.
She was actually never supposed to look like Cameron Diaz ;)

cindy lou
26-Apr-09, 11:40
Does look like Diaz......before you dump that hair work on the strands. Once hair has a good base, just work the strands. With one click of the strands button you can dramitcally improve your hair. As soon as you thin it out you will have to turn up the amount. Also I found that if you use some transparency in the hair..(Alpha and ZTransp in the F5 buttons it really looks good.) I like your brows though...and the texture in the lips. You might want to look at how high the cheek rises and drop the top of the cheek down a little so that it does not rise above the X of the pupils...Yea Ive spent days and days on hair and brows an a lot of time on eyelashes. Dont be afraid of working the hair. You be the boss of the hair. Dont let the hair boss you around...And dont forget the comb feature! Thank god they put that in the software.

28-Apr-09, 23:31
The distance from the eyes to the mouth is reading a little bit long

29-Apr-09, 01:01

The center of the mouth should be a little lower..I think

29-Apr-09, 06:12

Square jaw ,male-ish eyes , and the brows are arcs.

29-Apr-09, 06:14
and the nose distance it is equal to the tip of the nose and the chin end , and the forehead size...use diaz foto to compare more...

cindy lou
29-Apr-09, 16:31
Yea.. I knew it was the color of the eyes that looked like her...Well I hope this helps...Even though it may not be her I think it would help to drop the eyes....I squared this up best I could....

Just to make sure you know..this is your pic layered over diaz...so its a great way to compare...yea...your watching too many diaz movies...shes burned in your brain...it happens...I think shes a great actor...something about Mary...one of the the funniest scenes in the history of movie makeing...Ben in the bathroom...

Thanks for the pic Numarul7

30-Apr-09, 17:05
did you do this in blender or some other software like 3dStudio?

06-May-09, 10:32
@ SHABA1 - yes, Blender and GIMP (for the textures). Kerkythea was used for some of the renders, but now I am going to stick to blender internal renderer since I have managed to get a little better lighting and colors.

Here is a new render of the face and the whole body :)

18-Jul-10, 23:16
Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The face finally looks REAL!(your old face, honestly, SUCKED!)
(well, not YOUR face, but the lady person's face...)

19-Jul-10, 06:01
Her eyes are a bit higher and her nose is a way longer than it should be.... May be her mouth should get a bit higher - related to shortening her nose.

I've seen a comment about the arc brows - so they need a touch.

I'd like her more if mouth ends are a bit higher than the middle, i.e. a bit of an arc or curve.


19-Jul-10, 15:30
All you need to do to make this girl look ok. Is moving down the eyebrowns and the eyes so they are in the middle of the head. And then move the ears up so they line up with the eyes. Then this girls face also will look sexy ;)

19-Jul-10, 15:49
Someone pointed with an example from Lomis book , what it is needed to be made , this model must be remodeled cause some proportions are way off.

The rib cage it is to big for a female it is more male , the breasts are unatural due the rib cage size , from the navel down there it is another anathomical anomaly.

Even stilised females , charicatures , use proportions in body and head with a little grain and salt. In order to make your character look sexy or natural you must get the proportions in min and exagerate only based on them.

You make a long nose on a female face > you need to put in there the bones cause nose modify the other parts of the human face , same thing on others.

Look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Human_anatomy.jpg you will see more that male rib chage it is visible big and female rib cage it is smaller , and some big diferences on navel zone down , and in faces.

;) have fun

19-Jul-10, 15:55
Something more like this. Just move down the eyes and move up the ears to line up with the eyes. Then make the cheeks a bit rounder.

19-Jul-10, 16:12
Lots of good comments in this thread, and good progress. My biggest critique is the general volumes of the body. She looks fatally anorexic, with not enough of either muscle or fat masses in the right places.

If you're going to do female nudes, spend a lot of time studying them -- life drawings are best, but there's massive amounts of nude imagery on the web -- it need not be "porn" -- both of the glamorous variety (which it seems you're striving for), but also the more "everyday" sort, which is a good place to learn about the differences between ideals & realities.

Based on your renders:

The rib cage extends too far down. The overall shape is OK it's just too elongated vertically. This puts the recurve of her waist (which does begin just below the ribcage) too low, and between that and the flare of the pelvis, there's not enough area for the mass of the external oblique muscles. The current re-curve is too acute as well, needs to be less severe -- moving the waist up will help in that regard.

Raising the narrowest part of the waist also means re-shaping the lumbar region and buttocks -- there is a much more generally triangular form to this area (a very rounded triangle, mind you! :D). A smoother curve between the masses of the gluteus muscles, and also extending this division upwards some, would also be helpful once the waist is revised.

Fat and muscle distribution in the upper thighs is too lean for "normal" figures, and even in super-lean female athletes, the mass distribution is such that the thighs & hips are wider below the visible ridges of the pelvic flanges, rather than starting to narrow at that point. There is often more muscle and fat mass in the inside of the thighs as well, though this looks more naturalistic that the outside curves of the upper thighs.

The rear curve of the rib cage looks a bit flat, and the masses of the shoulder blades seem set too low as well. The way the triceps insert below the rear part of the deltoids could use some attention, it looks a bit "puffy" there. The outside curve of the calves is a bit too high at its widest point -- a more gradual curve with a lower extreme to the curve would help I think.

Lastly, I think her head is a bit too small for "ideal" proportions, and the neck somewhat too thin.

Overall a very good start on a difficult subject -- keep at it!