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20-May-04, 15:51
Can someone point me in the right direction for creating a football(American) field in Blender. Including how to make yard lines and end zone graphics and yard line numbers. thanks

20-May-04, 15:59
thats just a photoshop image put on a plane, thats not blender. try photoshop help or gimp.

20-May-04, 20:34
Draw the image in 2d, then map it using UV texturing. Reference that in the manual.

You could also do it by creating a new object and applying an image map to the plane - but make sure you ONLY apply it to a rectangle. If the whole stadium is a single mesh, you'll have problems.

There is also a forum at elYsiun for other applications, if you would like help drawing the texture. You can get critiques in the traditional forum (on the flat image)

For greater effect you could use the Beast plugin to make 3d blades of grass, but that may be above your skill level.

20-May-04, 21:36
I agree. And I don't think it's "copping out" to do it this way; I think it's the right way.

A football field, even more so than say a baseball field, is simply a decorated flat planar surface. It's got a grass texture and it's got painted lines that need to look reasonably like they're painted onto the grass ... but beyond that, well, the camera's never gonna get too close to that grass (unless the football player in your story happens to be a bug!), so there's just no sense in modeling the grass. Just create the image (or photograph it!), paste it onto a plane, and you're done.

Goalposts of course are extra, but those are easily added.

And as for the stadium... don't overlook any opportunities for photographically "cheating" that, too! Anything more than 50 or so scale feet away from the camera can be implemented using a photographic backdrop. That can include the entire stadium except for any foreground pieces.

20-May-04, 23:02
Great thanks, now how about the endzone graphics and a logo in middle of field that would be different depending on what teams were playing. Would I create many different full size fileds or could I load the end zone graphics and logo on a generic football field somehow. I'm new to this so I appreciate any feedback given.

20-May-04, 23:32
You can apply more than 1 texture to a material.

So what you'd have in this case is the first texture is the field, then in the second and third channels, you'd put the team logos. Then in the "texture input" tab in materialbuttons you'd use the size and offset sliders to position it.
You'll end up with lots of repeated copies of the logo, so in texturebuttons turn on the "Clip" option.

Then to change the logo you just have to change the image in texturebuttons.

When making the logos, remember that blender can use the alpha (transparancy) information from png's, and probably some other formats too. Just click the "UseAlpha" button in texturebuttons.