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21-Jun-12, 13:37
hi everyone,

four years ago i posted a thread (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?131818-free-cfd-software) where i was looking for a free CFD software. i eventually got my answer (OpenFOAM), but it was too difficult to grasp.

now i got interested in CFD again, but as i was previously interested in heat convection, now i'm aiming for something much simpler - air flow and circulation of a pc-fan.

leading example looks like this:


ideally, i would like to do this as simply as possible.

thank you for any suggestion,

tyrant monkey
22-Jun-12, 06:50
I think you could get a serious case of GIGO trying to use Blender to do CFD work. I don't think it has a turbulence model that is accurate enough for this kind of work and for a fan that spins in the 1000's of rpm that is what you are going to need.

I know CFD software is complicated to use I had friends doing thesis using it I never used it myself but I did FEA stuff with abaqus I remember it took me an extraordinary amount of time and lots of hair pulling just doing a simple stressed cantilever an engineers bouncing ball kind of thing.

If you need accuracy I guess you will have to buck up and learn openfoam. Are you doing engineering at university? One way of using Blender would be as an awesome visualiser. If you could get data from your cfd software to Blender there could be some awesome way of visualisation.

22-Jun-12, 06:57
no, i'm not, i'm just really interested in fans and their airflow.

i've seen some CFD with openFOAM integrated into blender using blendME (now OSD Engineering), but their examples were only for architectural energy analysis and they want a paid subscription first to get their software, and that's slightly beyond my 'DIY fan' interest.

edit: hey, you edited your post :)
yes, blender is used for visualisation of the data, as seen for example in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VyAqsl2qHI