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03-Jan-05, 06:37

my question is simple : how do i make a mirror in Game engine ??? or how do i make a transparant object in my game ???



03-Jan-05, 09:06
as far as i know, you cant make a mirror.

for transparency you need a texture with an alpha channel.

03-Jan-05, 10:22
I always wonder why everyone who starts with blender want's to create mirrors... They should make a sticky thread for beginners of some things that can be faked or somethin'

03-Jan-05, 19:42
i dont know how to make mirrors but you can create reflectiveness and transparency simply go to the uv image editor and put a texture on it and then select UV's Reflective or go to the face select mode and under the edit buttons select ADD and Twoside to make it transparent then select all the faces you want it on and selct "Copy draw mode"
hope thisd helsp

03-Feb-05, 16:10
I don't know exactly how you would do this in Blender, but...

Back when I created maps/mods for Duke Nukem 3D, there was a bathroom on the first (demo) level that had a working "mirror." When you actually cracked open the map, what you found was the bathroom had been fully modelled -in reverse- on the other side of the "mirror." When you looked in the mirror, you were actually looking through an opening in the wall into a room that was a reverse replica. They also had a player model in the fake room that would mimic all of your movements in reverse.

The end result was a convincing in-game mirror. Sure, there are limitations to this approach, but creating a game is like creating a movie, we just need to trick the player into believing something exists. We don't actually have to make a "realistic" functioning world. Use smoke & mirrors wherever necessary. Well, ummmm... maybe not actual mirrors...

BTW: Another trick I remember from Duke was a dead-end road that had a fence to keep you from going any further. What was cool (at the time) was the incredible draw distance as you looked towards the horizon. It seemed like 2 miles. Well, when I actually checked that map, the distance was more like 20 feet. The ground was sloped up at ~30 degrees to hit the horizon (flat image) and was littered with the same cactus model. The cactus models were resized smaller and smaller as they neared the point where the ground slope hit the back wall image. Because you couldn't access this area within the game, your point of view was limited to straight on. The effect worked very well.


14-Mar-05, 08:53
Yes you can, by using this technic


the only bad thing is that you will be like a ghost but the enviroment will work fine

Un Saludo

14-Mar-05, 16:22
Hi there,

To me this question appeared as well as I am almost fininshed
with my realtime bathroom sim. I built in quite a bit
of functionality. Runnning tap, waving water in the bathtub
and animated textures but always took care of the polygon
count. After I moved and rotated my toilet, where you can
only open the cover and flush, it bogged down my framerate
to a tenth of what it was before (2,4 GHz, GF4TI).

(I expected it to run out of texture space but no it was a
"transformed" object using just an ipo which did the bogdown)
As i save quite often i reverted to before the change and it was smooth
again. What was that? Actually I think it might be better to stick to the well
working functions as much as possible.

Ergo: I am going to make my mirror even after the lightmaps.
I will try a lame rendered still image or maybe only a reflection
map which seems to work quite well. Actually you can have the reflection
look like it where moving when player (fps) does. Looks quite
promising to me. As i want others to be able to use my bathroom
as well I a bit scared to put more and more stuff in.

Viva MBR and Blender