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28-Feb-05, 02:57
Hi All,

Im a new blender user and have watched and read many tutorials ... ok ...

Say I create a sphere etc .... I make a material (with the object selected) then I goto texure and add one to a channel and set its type to image. I load an image (and it shows up in the preview).

But no mater what I do or how i map it (flat, sphere etc) it doesnt show in the view ports (and textured is on) or when i render.

The best ive been able to get is a soloid no shaded white object. Every thing ive read etc seems to make this seem to be an easy thing to get to work.

What am I missing??

WinXP, ATi X800, 2gig ram etc etc.

Thanks in advance ... btw I take the defaults for most settings.


28-Feb-05, 03:54

I presume you've got some lighting? (Very easy mistake to make, or at least it is for me!)

Is the texture definitely mapped to something? Under the 'material' section, 'map to', probably 'col' (maps the colour) is what you want, though you may map it to other things so that it'll be more obvious (try 'nor' (normal mapping - gives it a slight bumpy texture) as well).

Is the texture activated? Also under the 'material' section, the 'texture' part, there's a list of the textures and their status. Your texture should have a tick in the box next to it.

A question - does your image show up in the texture preview window or the material preview window?

28-Feb-05, 08:20
Textures don't show in the viewport unless UVmapped. You can get better than the white you have by subdividing the mesh, the more you subdivide the the better it will show, but unfortunately you'll only ever get halfway there. But you do have a texture/materials preview in the buttons window that gives you more than the missing half.


28-Feb-05, 09:02
Thanks guys,

well i was talking to a couple guys in blenderchat last night and they told me that textures dont really show up well in textured view because of the way opengl handles textures and vertex shading .... i have since been able to get them to show up in shaded view.