View Full Version : Render distance... pop-up... not rendering objects far away... help... >.<

24-Apr-06, 14:06
Hello. I am working on an animation. I'm having this problem with the "distance" at which Blender renders my scene. I've got some scenery which "disappears" in the distance. Maybe it would help if I posted a picture of the problem I'm experiencing.

Here's a 3D view.

... And here's what it looks like when I render it.

The square-like building disappears in the distance. There's also that block-like object nearby; only a corner of it gets rendered.

It might be I just made everything too big... I don't know, like maybe it's too large in terms of scale and it needs to be shrunk. I can't do that, though, because I've progressed pretty far into the animation and I'm not sure how to scale the motion curves along with the size of their environment! Does anyone know how to increase the "draw in" distance for rendering?

24-Apr-06, 14:13
Yeah, I think I know what's your problem.

Try selecting your camera and press the F9 button after you've selected it.

Look in the menus and under the Camera panel, there should be a start and end clipping thingo?

Set the "end" to something like 200 or 500. The "end" signifies how far your camera can see and the start is where the camera start seeing things.


24-Apr-06, 14:14
By the way, is that KDE you're using? =D

24-Apr-06, 16:10
Hey, thanks. That worked. No more pop up. ^^

Yes, I believe I do use KDE. Which image hinted at this, though?

25-Apr-06, 03:14
The screen shot you took showed the KDE title bar for maximising, minimising and closing of a window. (the blue and red people)

What flavour are you using? Debian?

By the way, rather than taking a screen shot of the render, can't you just save the image, by pressing F3 then saving it as something like filename.jpg?

This way, unecessary digital data don't need to be uploaded and thus, increase the speed of uploading the content you're trying to show.


26-Apr-06, 10:34
Aha. Well, as far as flavor is concerned, I believe it's Debian. I didn't set it up myself though. My OS was configured by someone who knows a lot more than me. ^^;

I was experiencing some weirdness with saving the render itself. I don't think I was aware of how to save the image. I would try configuring the "output pictures", but nothing would happen, and it wouldn't show up in the directory I wanted it to. F3... I'll do that next time. Thanks. :D