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New Users Guide

Welcome New Users!

Please read the initial below items. These will greatly help you become accustomed to Blender Artists and will answer some initial questions you may have when posting on the forum for the first time. Enjoy and thank you for hanging with us on the site!

  1. Theme and Appearance

    Which do you prefer light or dark theme?
    1. To set your preferred theme be sure to change this in your account settings > general settings. Changing it on the lower left corner is only a preview of that theme and may cause login/logout errors.
  2. Signatures

    .- These restrictions apply to keep the forum in a readable form.
    1. Signatures are restricted to 270 Characters and 3 lines of text (single-spaced)
    2. Pictures are not allowed in signatures
  3. Threads that need review

    by Moderators before they are public.
    1. Any new thread in forum “Tutorials,” these threads are restricted to threads that contain tutorials.
  4. Posts that needs review

    by Moderators before they are public
    1. Any post containing common spam words such as: Viagra, Male enhancement, etc.
  5. Limited Rights on new users.

    - These restriction apply to prevent spam and bot attacks
    1. New users are users with a post count below 10 (Hint: add some valuable critics to the “Forum Gallery“)
    2. No URLs allowed in posts
    3. Posts may be caught by the sites auto-moderation. If you don't see your post right away this is most likely what has happened. If your post does not show up within 24 hours please PM a moderator to see if they can look into it further.

When in doubt please use the Report this Post function on each thread. When in doubt create a place holder thread (small icon bottom left of post) and report your OWN post to ask moderators to help out.

Board FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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