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    How to make FPS, RPG, MMORPG, RTS...

    Hello all you GE Users!
    Many of you want to make very complex games, the most commonly requested being FPSs, RPGs, and MMORPGs. Hopefully this thread will be a comprehensive guide to these and other genres you might want to make.

    FPS - The ever-popular first-person-shooter is one of the most common genres of games that people want to make. Now, thanks to Social's FPS template, they're fairly simple as well. The template includes a gun that shoots and a first-person view and control system. All that you need to make is the scenery and the enemies. Enemy AI is not simple, though, and it will be a significant challenge for you, but recently there have been a number of "bot templates" which make the task simpler, such as this one by Mmph!.

    RPG - An RPG is a sophisticated genre requiring much content creation. As the behavior of an RPG can vary greatly, there can be no encompassing template for their creation. Therefore, an RPG remains a difficult prospect and is a very bad genre to attempt as a first project. Before you can work on a complex genre such as RPG, you should ensure that you have a firm grasp of the GE tools, and at least a rudimentary grasp of Python.

    MMORPG - The MMORPG follows the same laws as the RPG, only with an added wrinkle: you must also have a sophisticated networking setup in order to play over the internet. Networking is a complicated branch of computing, and setting up such a system is not easy by any means. There are a number of projects which seek to make this simpler (such as BZoo or Server X Thin Client), but it will still take a lot of work to make such a game operational. To make an MMORPG will require extensive programming skills, on top of the skills needed for a normal RPG. Making an MMORPG as a first project goes beyond being a bad idea and becomes practically impossible.

    RTS - The RealTime Strategy game is not a genre that has been inquired about frequently, but I think it's worth a brief discussion here. An RTS would be a complicated game to try to make, as it requires large amounts of AI and programming to do successfully. Extensive knowledge of Python would be required, as logic brick programming would quickly overwhelm Blender's relatively slow logic processing. Indeed, the biggest hurdle for this kind of game would be finding a way to program it so that it could run smoothly while calculating large amounts of logic. An RTS would not be an easy project.

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