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    Jet Set Radio - Sugar

    This is a continuation of my female cartoon head project. This is Sugar from Jet Set Radio. (aka Piranha from Jet Grind Radio).
    I plan to have the whole thing toon shaded and animated. I'll also have other characters from the game done as well.

    I thought I should run this by the WIP forum before I add goggles, hair etc. Please, tell me what you think. Constructive criticisms are welcome.

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    Try Blender may come out with new techniques.
    If you are not replaceable, you are not promoted.
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    Originally Posted by ironmonk View Post
    Try Blender may come out with new techniques.
    If you are not replaceable, you are not promoted.
    wat do u mean?

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    OK, I have some eyes, goggles, hair and gloves now.
    As soon as I get some blades on her shoes and tweak it up a bit I'm going to do the armature process.

    Criticisms are welcome and would be appreciated.

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    It needs a lot of work. The edge loops for the head don't look all that bad but the overall composition is in dire need of work. The body itself is way too thin, especially the legs, comparatively the neck is huge. For the size of her breasts, the lack of volume makes them fall flat. The arms are boxy, as are the hands, and the navel is just kind of odd. The feet really need work. Yes, I know, they're going to be huge in the end, but they're too thin and oddly shaped. I know JSR had a particular style but it still retained a degree of realistic proportions and needless to say, yours are way off. You'll want to get yourself far better references of Sugar if you want really good results.

    Hate to be so brutally honest about this, but, criticism is good for enhancement and I wanna see this enhanced and made awesome. Keep it up, work on it, be obsessive about it if you have to be until it's good enough to be jaw dropping.

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    OK, I've made some more changes now:
    • The "feet" are roller blades
    • The arms and hands are less boxy
    • The proportions are fixed (I think)
    But, I think I'm gonna abandon this project. (Lost interest) For the moment anyways.
    Here's all my blends and references:

    All characters and their likenesses are owned by SEGA.

    Thanks Midian, for your brutally honest criticism sometimes its hard to know what's wrong with your work unless someone is honest enough to tell you.

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