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Thread: My snow globe attempt

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    My snow globe attempt

    Here is my attempt at making a snow globe.

    Not sure if this link will work but here is the animation:

    Please be kind.

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    Hi there.
    I like what you have done. Its given me enspiration to try something similar.
    Im no expert but if your looking for possible ways to improve it, i think you could start the particle effect on a negative value, so the particles are already falling at frame 1. Possibly have the particle emmiter positioned at the bottom not the top of the sphere.. You could set up the particle annimation so they slowy drift to the bottom again towards the end of the annimation and finally come to a stand still.
    The texture for the base needs improvement. One quick way is to simply decrease what you allready have in size. Look at the x,y,z 'size' values in the 'Map Input' tab under the materials button. Positive values decrease it in size Negative vaules increase. Try decreasing all 3 to about -5.
    If you want to change the texture altogether, use an image map.

    But nice job overall.
    If you want any more help or explaining just ask.
    EDITED: I origianlly posted and said Positive increase the texture size and negative decreases, should be the the other way around.
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