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    how to add vertices

    right now, i am working on a tutorial which involves the use of blender's spin dup tool. i have a profile that i want to use, but i want to a few vertices to refine the shape. how do i acheive this?

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    Go to edit mode.
    Select one vertice.
    Hold CTRL key and click the left button of your mouse.

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    Select the edge you want to add a vertex to, and press w>>Subdivide. If you want more than one vertex, use Subdivide Multi.
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    One of the above or use knife tool:
    Enter edit mode, select edges to operate on, press k key. Choose one of the knife tools, draw cut, press enter to finish.

    Happy blending!
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    thanx guys

    i tell you what, you guys rock! i have been on other forums before, and the members were total jerks! but the blender community is so much better. whenever i have a question, you guys are helpful, and knowledgable. you guys aren't like some of the other communities, (like darkBASIC) which comprises of a$$holes and egomaniacs! i am a blenderer (if that's a word) for life!

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    Download my Free Blend Files and enjoy.
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    It's so true about how responsive the Blender community is. I think it has to do with money. If Blender cost as much as much as Maya, Quantel, Flame etc... you'd get nothing but people very nervous about how much they've invested and they would hold back. I think we are moving towards a moneyless, higher evolved way of working with one another and Blender will be case study that Ivy league professors will teach their MBA's in maybe a decade or less. I don't know much about it but check out the Zeitgeist Movement. This Blender community would probably have a lot of hard evidence to support the ZM concepts.
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