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    Create textures & UV mapping techniques

    Please add any urls you have too, but try to keep this thread simple, clean and searchable.

    Perhaps only post one post per member, and just edit it with any new links you find.

    PS. Glad you like them. Smile. I just hope it will turn into a long-term resource.
    ************************************************** ***************************
    • UV mapping:

    (I think this is the best!)

    (for maya, free to join, a set of avi for download) a head, older tut, but still great)
    • UV baking:

    • Multiple UV Textures:

    • Hair:

    • Skin:

    (may take a while to download, but worth the wait. Photoshop painting.)
    • Tiles:

    • Cloth and Fabric:

    • Make textures:

    (how to use alpha images in the UV image editor + a hanger tutorial)

    (how to make spheres, and sky spheres too)

    (another sphere/glass ball skydome, hard)

    (maya, same link as in the UV section above)
    (photoshop it, many ->1 texture, uv etc)

    • Materials

    (color, specular, mapping, channels) Blender-Material/GLSL Shader)

    • Inspiration:

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    kewl, Thanks!

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    Nice work! I am sure everyone will find this thread helpful.

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    Hey great threads ititrx!

    I used to use mapzone to make a lot of textures, it works really similar to the blender material nodes.

    Now I mainly use photoshop and my wacom tablet

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    Thanks for the tutorial list! Here's a few more links to add = )

    Planet Texture Tutorial

    Realistic Jean Texture

    Hard Surface Texture Painting

    Thanks for taking the time to gather all these links ititrx.

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    This is exactly what i was looking for. thank you for the informative post and keep up the good work!

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    kewl, Thanks! Nice work!!!

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    Looks like the qbranch links are broken.

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