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    RENDER DEV: SAH-BVH Acceleration structure for raytracing, will need completion

    Stuff that should make the raytracer a bit faster. Seems to already be getting Brecht's attention.

    With this we should be seeing good quality raytracing in BI become a bit faster.
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    Sounds like its got a similar problem to aao, where most of the time its faster, by a long way, but in certain circumstances its actually slower.
    Looks like another little promising bit of code in development though, almost as if the new code skipps using octree alltogether, but then again, i know little about coding.

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    Yes. It skips using octree altogether.

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    ... Sad news that you Ypoissant (maybe) can't spend more time coding the new raytracer. Hopefully you'll get some help from other coders and the new raytracer will be in next Blender version. I'm really looking forward to this. In my tests, current Blender's raytracer is one of the major slowdowns in complex scenes with complex raytraced materials (which i do a lot in my projects).

    Thank you for your work.

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