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    Modifier cannot be applied to Mesh with Shape Keys

    I'm trying to use a lattice modifier to model shape keys and I get the following error message:
    Modifier cannot be applied to Mesh with Shape Keys

    Is there another way to use a lattice to modify shape keys?

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    Use the Apply Deformation script (3D header -> Object -> Scripts in Object Mode) . This will generate a new mesh with the lattice deformation or what ever else you have in your modifier stack ... so if you have subsurf on I suggest you remove that from the stack as this will also get applied ...

    Do this for each shapekey you want . Then to add the various shapes generated, you can use the Rvk1 to Rvk2 script (3D header -> Mesh -> Scripts in Edit Mode) . First select the shape you want to add then shift-select your original mesh with it's basis shape then tab into Edit Mode and then run the script ... repeat for each shape ...

    If the above is too much work ... you could just add shapekeys to the lattice itself and just use that for animating and skip the entire process above ...

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    I got as far as getting the Apply Deformation script to run using the first method.
    The second solution seems to be a lot better. Thanks.

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    Hum! Have to try again... but last time i tried to shapekey a lattice, it just woudn't gat any...
    So tahnks for this post: it will push me to make another test.

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