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    Hi there,

    I am attempting to run SCG on my imac running OS X Version 10.8.3 with blender 2.63 using v0.5.7 of SCG.

    I keep getting this error message when attempting to BUILD CITY.

    I have attached a screen shot of the error message I am receiving. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10.13.31 AM.jpg

    Thank you

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    This looks great, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it into Blender. I've already extracted the file, but what do I do from there?

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    You cannot need to extract the file. Go to preferences addons install addon and choose the zip and you ok. Then check the java version. If you use a custom built version of blender maybe you get errors. In these case try an official build

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    richardmanhamme, do you still have the problem ?
    Sorry for replying so late, this forum sometimes doesn't send me email notifications...


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    I'm probably missing something obvious, but I've got a problem. I generate a city, and it's got nice, varying textures. But if I go into Edit mode on the city, or exit Blender and return to the city, all the buildings have the same material. I can edit the buildings manually and set the materials again, but that's really a pain.

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    Hey there, Thanks piiichan for putting this together and releasing it so we can all try before we buy.

    Sadly I receive this error message after the pop up window states its done.

    I have a macbook pro 2.4ghz intel i7 with 16gb of ram.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.26.13.png

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    Hi vertstream
    Welcome on BlenderArtists

    You get this error because it seems you renamed the folder in which SCG is.
    You should remove the "2" and the space character at the end. The folder name should be exactly the same as when you unzipped it.

    Let me know if it works.

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    Thanks very much pillchan. Thats perfect. All the best

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    [ASK :: Texture],, i try this suicidator [free],,i rendered the city and the texture is fine,, when i reopen the file,, the texture is gone.. result of rendered just 1 colour..
    how to solve this problem ??

    *sorry my english too bad.. =_=

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    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, it happens sometimes, I'm not sure why...
    You can keep all the texture files in the .blend file, and it should fix it: file -> external data -> pack into blend file

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    hi piiichan, I'm testing the version 0.6 but there's some problems:
    - first is a java error (different from others, java is detected and working but cannot write prefs root node), I attach the screenshot,
    - second is time: I'm on a i7 and the basic 500m2 of low detail city of the free version is still in calculation after 30 minutes!! 1% of progress per minute, more or less..
    I need to create a city landscape of 4 square kms so I would buy the pro version but if generation will take 20 hours each attempt it's going to be useless.
    so, is it normal?SCG_error.jpg
    Riccardo Covino

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    Hello, someone sent me the exact same error one week ago. He/she did not reply to my questions to find out what could be the cause, but I've never seen nor heard about this one before. What OS are you using ? And have you got the full administrative rights ?

    In the screenshot, the city is done (the top bar), it's just the memory usage bar that stays at 52% (which is good, lower is better). It did confuse a few people, so I'll make the memory thingy more separate from the main progress bar next time.
    Large cities should take less than 30 seconds on a modern machine, it's more a matter of memory.

    Please let me know if something's unclear

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    thanks for your quick answer on sunday!
    so, it seems it's working right now.
    I'm on Windows 8 and I re-run Blender as Administrator: everything worked fine and the small portion of city was generated in 5 seconds.
    The second progress bar is really ambiguous, because it keeps growing at a slow rate.

    Going to buy PRO version now.
    Riccardo Covino

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    testing PRO version.. I'm having difficulties in getting a city-like density.
    My density map has a gradial blur shape, quite simple for checking the results, but streets are dense 'til the boundaries, and changing density map doesn't change the number of buildings!
    Also I point out some useful upgrades:
    - more control on streets network: manhattan and paris are too limited they should be variable and we shuld have chances of porting bitmaps or vector drawings
    - more control on buildings: we should have some parameters to define the various kinds and also loading custom models.
    - presets: saving a preconfigured city would be useful.
    Riccardo Covino

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    Help! Blender does not see the folder suicidator_city_generator_0_5_7_Free.

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    Hi, I would like to know about the rendering. When i create a new file and run the SCG all is ok and rendering quite fast. Close the .blend file, reopen it and sometime rendering come to increase very high, don't know if it's blender probs or anythings else...

    Run on W7 x64 - rendering with BL internal and Sun lamp with shadow.

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    Riccardo, yes currently the density map only works for the buildings, not for the streets. First the streets are generated, then the buildings are placed along them, and only then is the pop map checked. So this is inconvenient I agree.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. These ideas are already on the todo list, but I'm still grateful you take the time to tell me what you need.

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    Kozak, you should check the page with its comments here, they might help you.

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    Hi Marco, I have replied to your email, if it's really you, otherwise I can reply to you here

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