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    Hello sh1kuoro,

    to replace the traffic signs, telephone booths or any other object in the streets, you can edit the objects themselves,
    street objects.jpg
    you can delete the instances from the road models or the building models, or you can add new objects to the road models, and then all the road instances in the city will have the changes applied.
    objects instances on roads + buildings models.jpg

    Oh I see what you mean... yes this is a kind of artificial intelligence that can redo a road network based on some example input model. I have one research paper where they show how they did it, and indeed that would be a very nice addition!
    But before that, SceneCity must support curved roads.
    I add your idea to the list of features for future releases, thank you for the feedback

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    Okay After about Five years (at least) of following this thread, I finally broke down and BOUGHT Scene City. I just got tired of waiting for the free version of the newest uploads by piichan. And since I had some extra money I treated myself. I have not even run it yet. Just installed it in blender 2.78 and made sure it showed up in the addon panel. I am waiting for a day off from work so I can really play with it. I will let you know my impressions. My main interest is using it to create cities that can be exported to other programs and sites like OpenSimulator,Second Life and Unity3d. Any help in that direction would be appreciated.

    Take care.
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    I know you've been waiting for the free version. SceneCity being a Python-based addon makes it difficult to provide a free version without giving away the whole thing. I'm still figuring out how I can provide a free version... perhaps when SceneCity is bigger, I can make a subset of its functionalities and its included assets totally free.

    In the current version, some people had success with exports, while others had difficulties. I guess it's because exporting cities depends on your experience with exporting from Blender in general, it's not easier nor more difficult than exporting any other kind of scene.

    However, the very next version will include export facilities for Unity. It's in progress, so please let me know your impressions and feedback so I can improve the export workflow.

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