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    Fractureme 0.4 and heaper 0.2

    renamed "crackme" to "fractureme", since there were more suggestions for name change and the original name was actually my bad knowledge of english and a temporary one.

    for those who have FTP problems, new download of the scripts is as attachment in this thread:

    also all video samples are now on youtube, 2 volumic tests here:

    crackme 0.4:
    -the file is now here:
    -First volumic splitting!
    -Uses blender booleans, so it can get only as good as the booleans, which isn't always perfect.
    -several shape and roughness settings for volumic splitting
    -iterable and re-runable on subshards - if you want finer shards, just select those which you want to split more and re-run the script.
    -2d image analysis and meshing much faster , also faster generated cracks, but somehow also buggier.If it freezes, just try again. this is the crackler01 in the file.

    to use this one, just open the file, run the script crackler3d, and then run the engine. I hope I'll finally have some time soon to make a tutorial.some nice tests:

    crackme 0.3:
    Image based cracks!!!Don't go over 1024x and use thin cracks for painting, see in file.projectile based shard releasing(if you want also chain reactions, copy bricks from active shard to all your shards)
    better meshing again, It's quite hard to mess things up with that now
    to use, open the file, hit alt-p on script, after it finishes, run engine. There is more stuff in hidden layers, bomb and pendulum, both can be used to crush stuff.


    crackme 0.2:
    Much better shard meshes, although the normals are somethimes still bad, but it polygonizes in most cases also very complicated parts with inner half-cracks. Some shards don't get filled, probably problem with not removing very small edges in the network.
    Projectile based release of shards during simulation, still not good looking.
    also, some initial comments at the properties.

    heaper 0.2:
    just switched off ipo recording, was a mistake which caused huge speed drop down and growth in memory usage. Default collision shape set to convex hull.

    hello, these are 2 scripts for making natural looking destroyable/destroyed environments faster.
    The inspiration for these comes from some maya tools, although I wanna get these even more advanced through time!

    all the files and sample images and video results are in this folder:

    direct link to scripts:

    Crackme 0.1:
    I'm especially proud of crackme - a script for crashing solid flat meshes into pieces. You can simulate various materials, from glass to walls, with different crack specifications. You can grow the cracks with a growable crackmesh, and you have a game-egnine simulation pre-set right for explosion simulation. There's very few help sofar, it's right in the corresponding files. The script doesn't do everything for you , but it makes simulation setup much faster and easier.

    Heaper 0.1:
    Heaper is a simple set of 2 scripts to set up huge heaps faster & better. just run the engine to see how it works. If you'd like to set up your own heaps, read help.

    Enjoy, post comments, but don't ask for help nor report bugs, since it's all WIP, especially crackme(real volumic breaking planned, but in far future, too much brain use for meh and have to finish my f..... thesis about VR)
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    Man! These look like the best scripts I've seen in a long time. Your test images are phenomenal!

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    It looks really good!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    thanks for sharing.

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    This looks amazing!

    I'm at work so i cant test the scripts, but pictures tell allot
    Crack_me looks very interesting, especially the future plans you have for it.

    If the crack_me works as good as it looks, it surely is something that can be used for Project Durian. (perhaps show it to Ton or Genscher)

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    these looks cool man!
    thanks for sharing!

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    excellent scripts! i love the heapscript. i gave it couple of try runs, got some floating objects though, maybe bounding box problems, or something.. ? but i will try with smaller objects, could also be that. very nice stuff, truly a script for my taste.


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    Hi, thanks for comments.

    basse - sometimes it can be also the freeze value in the script hg_rt (that makes all the stuff in GE). if objects freeze too early, try decreasing the value of vellow property, it's a threshold for faster freezing of objects.

    also, the objects are set all to box bounds, I forgot to mention that, either change the bound manually to convex hulls or trianglemeshes, or tweak line 59 in the script 'hg'.

    These scripts really need an GUI

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    I'm joining the crowd -- amazing! I would have added five stars if I could.

    / Mats
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    aha.. ok great thanks.

    thing i also noticed, after the run, when you have the heap you wanted, the filesize is quite big. i take it it's recorded ipos somewhere.. or.. something? but those are really not needed anymore, right? so maybe there could be a cleanup script that you could run to get rid of the extra data..

    i added automatic grouping of created objects for now.. so i can more easily just save the outcome, and then append /link the group to a new blend file..

    thanks again.


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    Those are some awesome scripts and very easy to work with. Even without a user interface.
    Five stars from me as well! *****

    basse: it looks like the original objects (layer 6) are keyframed on running the gameengine, and those ipos aren't cleared afterwards. Quick solution: after running the simulation restart the gameengine and immediately stop it again. All ipos will be rewritten but now with only a few frames. Result: much smaller file.

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    five *****. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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    Wicked! Absolutely awesome scripts!

    Thank you, but I mean A LOOOOT.... for those

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    I get an error on the cracked window one.

    No module named GameLogic?

    I am running Blender 2.48 on Windows XP SP3.

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    Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I wanna tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. DLiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

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    Originally Posted by Atom View Post
    I get an error on the cracked window one.

    No module named GameLogic?

    I am running Blender 2.48 on Windows XP SP3.
    my apologies for double post. But same problem, only with the splosion one.

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    @Atom & Sammaron

    Just press P and enjoy.

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    Wow, the Crack script was exactly what I was asking about a few months ago! I'll play with them tonight!

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    Excellent script!!

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    The fact it can also help set up for simulation in BGE games is a plus.

    Anyway, after this script matures someone should really hardcode this into Blender, a modifier perhaps?
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