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    Importing TF2 Characters into blender

    Hello all. I am new to blender and kind of a noob. I was wondering, is there a way to import character models from Team Fortress 2? I want to create a video with them and I am not sure if I can replicate them in blender. If any one has any ideas, I am more then listening.

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    That would take a lot of time, instead why don't you use Garry's mod 10?

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    Originally Posted by bull-frog View Post
    That would take a lot of time, instead why don't you use Garry's mod 10?
    That is not what I was really aiming for. I was hoping to go big and have the characters walk and talk to my liking (unlike inf GM10, there is no way to have the characters walk and talk without their guns and such. Also there are no TF2 bots). I was going for the feeling of a "Meet the ...." video. I know it will be hard but I was hoping to at least try.

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    Why not just model them yourself? Saves you a lot of legal problems (although theres still the copyright)

    Just take screenshots and remodel them. I did that with Link from the Zelda games, and people thought id ripped the model illegally from the game.
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    yeah... avoiding legal copyright laws is always a good idea

    and dude, game rigs and models are often very brutal for modern games, good luck getting a decent rig off of a rip. unless your good with it.
    but, good luck sounds like a fun and cool project

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