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Thread: doors in blender

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    doors in blender

    what would be the best to way to make an opening door? when i use armatures is deforms; i want it to just swing outward

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    If you position the center of the object to a point in line with the hinges, you can simply rotate the door and use keyframing.

    Best of Luck!

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    if you use an armature, (set armature to pose mode) parent the door to the BONE, not the armature deform.

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    You can use a hinge modifier. Then when you make the frame set it to no collision. This way it doesnt go all crazy.

    1. make a wall with a spot open where a door would go
    2. make a frame around that spot (take off collision) on frame
    3.make a door use a modifier to make a hinge
    4. always hit ctrl+a when changing a model size!
    5.set the door to a rigid body

    after messing with the hinge properties you will have a working door when you bump into it.

    ps. when placing the door in the scene make sure its lined up with the frame with no collision and not the wall. or the door will be stuck.

    hope this helped!
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    Thanks for the replies.
    OBI_ron: the door is part of a larger object, the room, i don't want to separate it. any other ideas?

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    How about using a hook? See the attached file. Select the empty and rotate it around the z axis. The procedure would be:

    1) Tab into edit mode on the would be parent
    2) Select the verts that would be in line with the hinge
    3) Shift s cursor to selection.
    4) Tab back to object mode
    5) Add an empty - it should be automatically placed at the hinge location
    6) Select the empty, then shift select the parent
    7) tab into edit mode, and select all of the verts that make up the door
    8) Ctrl h add hook to selected empty

    Now, you may run into a bit of a problem if you move the object, because the hook will hold the door in place. You may be tempted to parent the hook back to the room mesh, but that can cause a lag when moving the entire room. The way I have dealt with this in the past is to create another empty and parent the entire room to the empty, then, parent the hook to the empty. Now moving the main empty will move everything smoothly. See the second attached file for an example - it is a sizable cube.

    Best of Luck!
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    Originally Posted by d_enes View Post
    Thanks for the replies.
    OBI_ron: the door is part of a larger object, the room, i don't want to separate it. any other ideas?
    weight painting.
    when in pose mode, select the bone that controls the door. and make sure all the parts on the door are painted red (full weight). then it shouldn't deform.


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