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    Game Competition Entries - Post here!

    Hi there folks,

    Please only post entries here to keep the thread clean - comments on the entries can be posted here...

    Now that 2.49 is out, this is an official announcement to post your entries here before or on next Monday, the 8th of June. This gives just over a week, and allows for the weekend for developers to give their entries a final polish etc.

    UPDATE: Here is a link showing the initial entries ( game names, screenshots, some early working demos ) that were submitted for the competition -

    Your entry can use any version of Blender above 2.48a, including 2.49 and any SVN versions ( eg if you need the latest fix in SVN, which will become Blender 2.49a in a few weeks ).

    You can post executables, or the .blend file(s). If posting .blend files, please specify the version of Blender that is required / preferred. If posting executables, please specify the platform(s) ( Windows / OSX / Linux )

    Please post at least the following, in order to allow viewers to get an idea of the game in order to encourage them to download and play your game.

    - Game Title
    - Competition Category / Categories to be entered for
    - A brief game description
    - Team / Single developer info
    - Screenshots
    - Whether the game requires GLSL or not ( so that people without GLSL compatible hardware will know not to vote on it, as they won't see the required visuals / may see graphical glitches )
    - A download link to the game itself

    - Video(s) of the game in progress ( if you want, you can state that the video can be used on the main website as promotion material for the GE - see ) - UPDATE - If you could make sure that you post the videos on YouTube, they would be viewable on all platforms. If possible, keep the original high-res version just in case your video is selected for showing directly on the Showcase website section ( thx Erwin )
    - Any other stuff you want to post that is relevant to your competition entry.

    Many people could be seeing your game for the first time, so make the info in the post as attractive as possible

    That's about it - good luck to all of the entrants!

    Regarding judging... when all of the entrants are in, we'll have a community poll vote, and also a small handful of judges drawn from GE source code developers and related, eg some from the Yo Frankie team ( eg Campbell, Ben... ). Judging will be a split between these judges and the community vote. More detailed information will be posted after Monday the 8th of June.
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    I highly recommend creating YouTube movies (possibly in addition to some high-quality video for the Blender website).

    Where is the link to the original postings of all games Mal? All the original postings there are candidates for the contest (in addition to the new postings), right?


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    Hunstville, AL

    Category: Gameplay and Graphics

    Description: BumperDerby is a fast-paced, action-packed, arcades style game which pits your bumper car against up to 7 other players!! Playing in tournament mode, you can earn medals to unlock more arenas!

    • 10 unique arenas
    • 6 zany power-ups
    • The ability to create a unlimited number of custom accounts which allow you to easily customize your character, bumper car, controls, and more!
    • 3 fun, unlockable mini-games
    • And more!!
    Development Info: BumperDerby was created solely by me. I am an 18 year old game enthusiast with a passion for making fun, family oriented games.


    HayDay--Bumpin' in da barn!

    The seaweed is always greener...when you're bumpin' UnderDaSea!

    Yeeeehawwww!! Bump your partner all around!! It's OKCorral!


    • GLSL support
    • Blender 2.48a
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    The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried--G.K. Chesterton

    Feel free to check out my GE competition entry:

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    Team: Starats Studio - Vitor Balbio


    Description: This is a Demo Scene free Roam maked by show the Graphics features of BGE ( Blender Game Engine ). My Goal was make a new experience in Graphic Computer with a good background sounds to make a Mystical atmosphere as a Dream. I hope you enjoy it! Because i like so much!


    -> Extended Version of Ruinas, the frist work that used videotexture module to make water.
    -> Effective use of new features of 2.49 version.
    -> 2D filters Optmized DOF and Glow Filter, Filme Grain and Contrast Correction
    -> Realtime Water simulation ( Reflections, Normal Wrap, Alpha (no Fresnel yet) )
    -> Extensive Real Time animated Grass
    -> Baking AO and Advanced Light, Normal Maps, Animated Three.
    -> Real Time Volumetric ( 3D billboard ) cloud, volume light, and outers Volumetrics effects
    -> Few animated animals and insects to compose the scene enviroment
    -> Optmizated to blender 2.49


    -> Integral GLSL suport ( Nvidia Card are so much recommended ) *
    -> 1GB Ram.
    -> Windows XP or above ( tested in XP, Vista and Seven ) for .exe
    -> Blender 2.49 for .blend

    * Teste only in NVidia Cards ( Geforce 8600GT DDR3, 9500GT DDR2, 2X 9600GT SLI ).
    I guess ATI 1xxx serie will run Ruinas 2.0 but probably the Glow/Dof Filter don´t work in any ATI card. i don´t know if "Film Grain" shader will work too.

    Ruinas 2.0 Download


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    Wonder woodlouse

    Hello again:

    - Title: Wonder Woodlouse (cochinilla maravilla)

    - Author; Cristian Garcia (Barcelona) With help of friends and internet forums.
    - Competition Category : All ( Gameplay / Graphics / Logic Bricks).

    - Description: Save your brother from evil ants!!! Platform game with history in intro. I have tried to make a game with and intuitive control, fast and fun game.

    - GLSL: The game no required GLSL. (compiled in blender 2.48a)



    Linux (compiled in ubuntu 8.10)
    Blender File

    Test & Enjoy

    (Forgive my English )
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    Pit Monsters

    Gameplay Category

    Andrew (andrew-101) Bentley: Programming
    Dalton (Mad Hatteur) Mills: Modelling
    Pit Monsters is a tile based tower defence game where the player has to defend the Castle from the waves of Pit Monsters.
    Development ThreadDownload
    http://www.tba-creations.leveluphost...itMonsters.rar ~4.5mb
    (Could I get a mirror for this because I'm only on a free hosting plan? I don't want to eat into my very limited band width)
    Screen Shots
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    DukDuk Up

    Here is my submission using 2.48. it works with 2.49-ish, except the camera goes a bit weird.

    Screen shots are here:

    And a Vimeo stream is here (Now WIP-V3):

    and slightly older (but smoother video) here:


    Most recent build:

    Old (pre-GLSL) screens and video (So you can see what's changed) :

    DukDuk is a Pearch farmer whose crops are ravaged by hungry yellow dots. The dots normally fly harmlessly about in the protective mouth of a green guy called Barry. Alas, Barry is struck down in a thunderstorm and the dots escape wreaking havoc on DukDuk's crop.
    It's your job to help DukDuk round up the dots and herd them back into Barry's mouth so he can leave once more.
    in future levels, dot's of different colours need to be herded onto different Barry's mouths. Dots can have their colour changed by splatting them with coloured berries. DukDuk also falls into Barry's mouth and we change location to the Dot's home world where other DukDuk's have had the misfortune to be trapped. All in all it's an puzzler with a unique (hopefully) cast of characters and events.

    The team:
    Just me . I have had help on the forums with a script for the camera.

    Gameplay & Graphics & Logic Bricks.

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    Game Name: THUMP STUFF

    Brief Game Description:
    You play a caveman and you have to thump a certain number of pre-historic critters within a limited time.Thump the prehistoric moles to get bonuses such as extra time, extra points or extra lives.
    There are five levels to play- try to beat your best score.

    Team Description:
    Just me (Avi -aka Pygmies) although I've had a bit of help with some importing scripts from Grant Adam, rigging from Brad Noble and general help from Glenn Melenhorst (aka grsaaynoel). Thanks guys.

    Category to enter:
    Gameplay and graphics. Got plenty of python so that rules me out of the Logic Brick category.

    This version was designed for 2.49. I haven't tried it on 2.48 but can only assume that none of the python will work any more. It also requires GLSL.


    Here’s a link to a wip video from a little while ago. I'll try to update this when i get some time:

    Game download:

    good luck to all the contestants
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    Game Title: Nanoshooter

    Competition Category: Graphics, Gameplay

    Description: An online multiplayer game. The focus was on creating a good online system. It has 2 levels, and comes with the server scripts so you can host your own servers. The only game type is free for all, and there is no limit on the players. The game is open source, so you can feel free to create your own maps or characters, and even mod it into a completely different game.

    Team: The team behind Nanoshooter consists of:




    Requirements: This game uses GLSL, so you need a fairly good graphics card. The game also requires an internet connection, and python 2.5 for every platform except windows executables.

    Download: The download links can be found here:

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    Game Title
    The Lost Coast

    Competition Category / Categories
    Graphics, Gameplay

    Game description
    The Lost Coast is an action-adventure game situated on an island in the gulf of Mexico. After you crashed on the island. Your creative mind and lots of courage must help you to find a way to get of the island again.

    Z Cat

    -Window Xp or Vista (not fully tested on Vista)
    -Tested with NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS

    Download link

    Click here

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    Current project - The Lost Coast - Click me

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    - Nature

    - Luis Raúl Robles

    - Graphics

    - Graphic demo of an island where you can see:

    - Clouds moving like if they where animated (don't know how to explain it, must see it)
    - Water with fresnel reflection (cubemap)
    - All the plants have wind
    - The spot light parented to the player and using the settings as shown here, can fake
    - 2D Filters like Fog, that can be applied to a custon GLSL shader (if you have tried it, the fog is ignored when used a custom GLSL shader like paralax)
    - Underwater 2D filter to simulate distortion
    - LOD on Palmtrees


    - A high end computer (tested using Nvidia GTX280)
    - Works in Blender 2.48a and 2.49. In 2.49 shows deprecation warnings.


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    Brooklyn baby!
    Terra Sirenum:

    55 MB, .blend files and windows .exe

    Windows .exe and .blend files.

    Runs in 2.48a, (runs at half speed in 2.49 for some reason)

    Team: Joseph Parker

    Category: Gameplay / Graphics

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    Game Title : ColorCube

    Competition Category : Graphic, Gameplay, Logic Bricks

    Game description : It's a maze game with 16 levels. You must activate color receptors to unlock the exit and get to the next level. Your only tool is a rolling cube...

    Team : myself (Quentin Bolsee). I am a 14 years old student. I started with Blender 2 years ago. My surname will probably sound familiar to you. You may have heard the legend that Benoit Bolsee was brought to Blender by his son. Well, the legend is true and I'm the one. I didn't get any help from him through the development of this game though. I don't code in python so Logic Bricks is a must for me.

    Requirements : the game requires GLSL. I only provide a win32 installer but the blend is included in the installation directory and can be played in Linux (someone else will have to package it for Linux though).

    Download link : ColorCube (win32 installer)

    *UPDATE* (blend file)

    I tried to make this game as complete as possible, with a full menu, settings, music, many levels, sound effects, graphics effects; all of this with Logic Bricks. I put the game under the Creative Commons license: no modifications, no commercial use, no derivative works. You can distribute it as long as you mention my name.

    ScreenShots :
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Title: Dark Tale
    Description: short Action/RPG medieval game.
    Category: Graphics, Gameplay
    Team: Me
    Requirements: Blender 2.48a, GLSL, python 2.5
    Download exe:
    Download sources:
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    Game Name :
    - Slide Ball

    Category to enter :
    - Gameplay and Graphics

    Brief Game Description :
    - SlideBall is a 3rd/1st person platform adventure game where you control a ball through platforms and puzzels with advanced gravity like ground based gravity

    Team Description :
    - Deep Interactive Designs (Jorge Guerra)

    Requirements :
    - Blender 2.49
    - GLSL

    Download link:

    Gameplay Trailer:

    Screenshots :
    - The last 3 images are my records for each stage
    - I challenge you guys to beat them!!!

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    Burning Rubber

    Title: Burning Rubber

    Team: SpewBoy (Ben Evans, 15) and PiroManiac (Callum Howard, 16)

    Categories: Graphics and Gameplay

    Description: This is a full on racing / stunt game featuring two cars, a criminal organization and a US Military Airbase.
    The storyline is a bit vague but basically you are part of a criminal organization (much like the Italian Job), and you are given a mission to obtain a "package" from a recently abandoned military airbase. There is a nice surprise at the end when you see what's in the package


    -> A vast open airbase level situated in a desert environment
    -> Two completely different cars, both highly detailed
    -> Realistic vehicle damage
    -> Fully destructible structures
    -> A mysterious storyline and a nice surprise at the end
    -> The latest graphic effects such as Bloom, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Realtime reflections and SSAO
    -> Stylish menu system
    -> Can easily be optimized for better performance or quality


    -> GLSL support is recommended but not essential to play the game.
    -> 1GB Ram. Less is untested.
    -> Blender 2.49. (2.49a may not work on Intel Macs)
    -> Should work with Mac and Linux operating systems as well as Windows.

    Tested only on Windows and Mac. I can almost guarantee that this will work on any Intel Mac. Works on a Macbook with integrated graphics card (GMA 950). Works on a Windows PC with nVidia 9600GT graphics card, 2gb RAM and 2.0GHz dual core processor. Any resolution will work for the blend but the runtime must use 1280x800 or higher to work correctly. Macs can't have any GFX such as SSAO, DOF or motion blur etc, as this is a Blender limitation.

    If your playing on a computer with very little graphics support, clamp the textures to 512 in the blend for more performance. This is done by going into the preferences section and then going to the OpenGL section, there you will find an option to clamp the textures. Lower means more performance. If you have a very old system you may clamp to 256 or 128, but this will severely reduce graphical quality.


    How to reset car: What isn't mentioned in the game, as it is a recent feature, is that if you hold down the "R" key for one second you will be able to restart the level, in case you get stuck.

    Other controls and problems: Scroll in and out to zoom in on the car when playing or in garage. Press "c" to change camera but make sure Depth of field is off when using an interior or hood camera or your vision will be quite blurry .
    Arrows - Drive around and steer
    Number keys - Activate GFX (Windows only)
    Escape - Pause game

    The menu system: For anyone who might be confused:
    - RIDE menu item takes you to a car selection screen
    - TWEAK takes you to a garage where you can view your car and is a good place to activate the visual effects
    - BURNIT takes you to a level selection screen, from which you can start playing the game
    - COOL OFF is the quit game item. Select this to quit the game

    If you get into trouble and something isn't working right or you just want to quit fast, press F1.

    Blend (filefront)
    Blend ( - These blends are for Windows, Mac and Linux (or any other OS that runs Blender). Requires python to work.
    Runtime (filefront) - For Windows. May provide performance improvements, but less flexible, so no texture clamping for older graphics cards, and has a fixed resolution. Doesn't require python to work.

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    My game is just called "Cube"

    Game Name:
    Brief Game Description: Puzzle/Platformer. There's basic combat, but the general game is going to be running through levels and solving puzzles.
    Team Description: Just me, Sam Tregillus aka TheSambassador
    Category to enter: All 3: Gameplay, Graphics, and Logicbricks. The game uses no python.
    A few in-game screenshots (Attached)

    Download (blend file):
    There's also a video of the work thus far here (though youtube = crappy quality): <---- newer

    Notes - The music is a NIN song (Ghosts 21) which is licensed under the Creative Commons.
    I was planning on having 5 levels, but I screwed up and lost a bunch of my work, so this is all we get.

    Play in 2.49! Non-GLSL, run in Texface mode.

    That's it!

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    Here is my game:

    Wolf V1.0

    Catagories: Gameplay, graphics, and LogicBricks

    Description: You are a wolf and can explore, hunt, and swim.

    Team: I am an 11 year old kiddo who loves computer graphics. Just me so far, with some help from fellow blender artists.





    Game: (.blend)

    Notes: After unzipping the file(WolfV1.0.ZIP), then take the file 'WolfV1.0' out of the parent file 'WolfV1.0' and put it directly onto C:\ Otherwise it won't work. Good luck to all other entries! Oh, and I haven't done the credits thing yet, so nothing happens when you try to go to credits. This is just the first release. I still need to fix MANY things for the next version, so this one wasn't really done.

    This game requires GLSL and has not been tested with blender 2.49(it isn't working on my compy)
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    i could not end it, but this is the actual progress.

    Title: House Walkthrought

    - Competition Category: Graphics

    - A brief game description: it is a walkthought in a house. You can move in and out the house.

    - Team: Me

    - the demo requires GLSL. (it run well in a Geforce 7600GS 256mb).

    -download link (27MB) (Windows EXE):

    movement with keys:

    A S D W Q E

    look around:


    Open-close doors:

    SPACE key

    - Screenshots:
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    My 3D proyects and games:

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    Hello, this is my Entry for the competition, hope you like it,it's in spanish 'cause it will be available on the school's website soon. but you'll find it intuitive to play, as you can use "WASD + Mouse" or only arrows, you choose the best for you

    Game Name
    Virtual Tour

    Brief Game Description
    This is a Virtual Tour of my school, made without GLSL to make it possible to run on as many computers as possible, so you don't need a high end computer to play it. When on the Instructions screen click o press any key to begin.

    Team Description
    Luis Raúl Robles (all related to blender) and Gerardo Durán (Reference Pictures and 2d textures).

    Category to enter

    Download Link

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