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Thread: Megagolf

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    A thread for my game engine competition 2009 entry game MEGAGOLF. A futuristic take on the traditional timewaster, basically it's minigolf + wipEout Pulse + Kula World... or at least those were my main influences.


    Long story short, here are the latest version download locations:

    MEGAGOLF 1.03 data (19.8MB):
    Mediafire (please use this!)
    My crappy slow mirror

    Runs fine with either 2.48 or 2.49 which I recommend since it's a lot faster.

    Oh, and it's in multitexture mode so we GLSL-impaired people can also play it.


    Few static and moving pictures:


    Quick gameplay overview:

    Use your mouse to aim and rotate view. If you have wheel in your mouse you can zoom in and out with it.

    Hold down left mouse button then move your mouse up or down to adjust the putt strength and left or right for direction. Release the button to launch the ball.

    There's two kind of surfaces: Standard in which ball bounces off when hit and magnetic which ball can attach to. Also there exist speed pads with arrows which give you extra speed in that direction and jump pads which launch the ball upwards relative to the surface.

    Have fun! ...and don't mind few badly implemented courses.

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    Really cool!
    It's really furturistic, and I love the spiral level, all the levels you put in, all the work was worth it, it could be a mini game of Mario galaxy or something. It's very good! Nice, man, keep up the good work.
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    Wow I really liked the lightening. The gameplay was ok, have never been a huge fan of sport games such as golf. Btw golf is not a sport, since you doesn't get any exercise. Hmmm this reminds me of futuristic space movies...hmmm space odyssey, the film with the kid that was a robot. Great job!!!!

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    And....the "Silver Surfer Award" goes to supersocks
    What a space beauty!
    And PERFECT realization!

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    Glad you like it... even though hole 9's missing sunrays. *googles for Silver Surfer Award... wtf?*

    I took a look at the crashing issue with blenderplayer 2.49 and the problem turned out to be simpler than I expected: I'd been using RC3 files copied to my project folder thinking I replaced them already with final 2.49 release. So no problems with either 2.48a or 2.49 for now. I'm just bit absent-minded at times.

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    CRAZY, one of the coolest looking games i have seen with blender. I have seen many really good games but they usually have glitches and many things wrong, but this looks so pro. You could sell it to miniclip or a website like that.
    Good job.
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    Well...the Silver Surfer is the reflective man with a surf board riding in the space ( probably because the beach was polluted?)
    And the created by me...because of the
    Well, I understand, my humor is always pathetic!
    Bye and keep the excellent work!

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    I've gots googly eyes

    I found that picture not too long ago, thought I'd post it for no particular reason. *hint*

    lovely work, I hope you win.

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    Supersocks! This is splendid! Remarkable.

    Its an 'actually completed' game with an excellent presentation. The gameplay is also very interesting. I really enjoyed the new elements that were introduced as I progressed through the courses (rarely making par). Even the music helps build to a crescendo.

    The typography is fitting and provides a modern edge. The colors are very well selected. You must have some background in graphic design

    I hope you continue to make games in other genres.

    All other game makers take a note here, Supersocks has just demonstrated that you can have an amazing aesthetic without using GLSL as a crutch.

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    This is fantastic. The only thing i noticed, is that in level 16, stairs, or something, the animation for the jump squares does not play, which is a little odd.

    Other than that, there were like 2 or 3 levels which really killed my score.

    But FANTASTIC game! Very, very well polished. Hats off to you, good sir, keep 'em comin'.

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    Gerat job! it looks really cool!

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    The mouse script broke on level 15-16, I think it was called ladder. I couldn't move my mouse upwards, and every time I clicked it would move the window, I think it was an error with centering the cursor.

    I'm on a mac computer.

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    Here's the first patch file. Fixes some minor graphic errors and inconsistencies. Not obligatory.

    <Check first post for latest download links>

    Extract to your MEGAGOLF directory and overwrite old existing files.

    Originally Posted by gomer
    The mouse script broke on level 15-16, I think it was called ladder. I couldn't move my mouse upwards, and every time I clicked it would move the window, I think it was an error with centering the cursor.
    Encountered the missing mouse bug few times, most of them in full screen mode with XP. I've noticed there's actually two kinds of them:

    The first is because one of the axis objects gets missing right at the start of level for some unknown reason. I encountered this very often especially when capturing video and with 2.49 so it might be something related to system performance and timing, don't really know.

    The other one is even more mysterious as it doesn't give any error messages, the mouse movement is just not registered and it's difficult to reproduce.

    But I'm giving it more attention as it's a really annoying show-stopper glitch which is just not acceptable. Though my chances at fixing it doesn't look any good
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    This is absolutly stunning. I'm asuming your using GLSL. Right?
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    This is really great game. However, I've fallen foul of the mouse bug too.

    It got me on level 9 (I think...).

    Some info that may help you troubleshoot this (or may not ):

    The game had trouble registering upwards movement and wouldn't register movement to the right at all.

    The game was played as it appears in the .blend straight after opening it up.

    The game seemed to crash at the level preview with 2.49 (videotexture related issue?) so I was playing in 2.48a.

    The mouse pointer was visible in the top right corner of the screen at times hovering around the close window button. I'm guessing the closeness of the mouse pointer to the top of the screen was interfering with upwards movement and because the mouse was close to the right of the screen it was not registering movement to the right.

    I've encountered a possibly related bug where in my own creations and playing in a window floating towards the centre of the screen the mouse pointer could be removed from the viewport entirely, resulting in complete loss of control of the camera until the mouse is returned to the viewport.

    I play on a laptop and my mouse has broken (and kept running out of batteries anyhow..). I'm using the touchpad with speed set to maximum and acceleration turned on to improve usability (reduce the motion required on the touchpad).

    I suspect that bugs such as these may occur when mouse movement is very fast and the mouse pointer cannot be correctly reset to the centre of the viewport during play. ie. the mouse possibly moves across more than half of the screen between logic ticks?

    A possible method of reproducing this may be to set your mouse speed settings up to maximum and then messing about.

    Oh yeah... I'm using Vista. The way the window manager handles mouse focus may be related, but I know very little about the inner workings of Microshaft products.

    I'll say it again. Very nice game. Polished, playable and complete.
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    Totally awesome and the most welldone I saw here on this forum for a very long time.. .. however.. At stage 7, The mouse-look stoped working at pan right.. a bug.. I was also possitve supriced of the numbers of levels.. I played far as to 7stages..
    you really punched us nubs(compared to ur masterpiece) here how to make a game, and really made it so far..
    Not only the design of graphics are pretty.. but also the gameplay and controls, not to forget the sound.

    Are u working at a gamecompany?

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    One of the best blender games I've ever played! Its stunning, the graphics are flawless. Theres so much detail, right down to those little glowing lights in the ball itself, to the text on the holes and the beautiful lens flare (I'm gonna work out how u did that!) the textures are perfect. The style is amazing as well, very clean and futuristic.

    How does it look for people who dont have GLSL?

    I got right up to the last level, which was very difficult, a good challange.

    Great work overall. Even with the mouse glitch (which i dont think is your fault) you may still get my vote for the contest Megagolf would be in the top 3.

    Does the mouse glitch still appear running the game from a .exe?? I was under the impression it was a glitch because your running it directly from the blender window, and blender is 'loosing' the mouse focus at times, not something to do with ur scripts. Its tricky...
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    Looks amazing! I really wanted to play it, but when i choose "ALLAPRIMA" and then i need to choose the "HOLE", there is no option, just a blank space, and when i click "OK" nothing happens.
    Anyone have any idea of how to solve this?
    I also applied the patch, but no result.

    I'm using Blender 2.49a on Ubuntu 9.04

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    You Kill me. This game rock!. Best blender games I've ever see! Its stunning, and the GLSL master level

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    that was incredible! how did you get the ball to stay on curves?
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