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    Blender DWG/DXF Import/Export capabilty??

    Blender 2.5 looks like great UI improvement and worth the time now to explore

    I am coming from a 3d environment that has many DWG/DXF models. For me to give Blender a serious look, I need DWG/DXF Import/Export capabilty. NO import for DWG/DXF in Blender 2.5, tried going to Blender 2.49b and using DXF import there and then planned to go back to Blender 2.5, but I get DXF import error in Blender 2.49B.

    Any ideas on how to have reliable DWG/DXF import/export capability in Blender enviroment?

    Very impressed with Blender 2.5 so far !!

    Nice work by the Blender Team!!!

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    Wade, when you say "a 3d environment that has many DWG/DXF models" are working with AutoCAD? If so, are your models in solid entities, or are they wireframes? Have you attempted a 3DS export & import? From what I've read here from Autodesk users, it might be a good investment for you to get a decent translator app like Accutrans or similar.

    I've found for most of my CAD import work that STL works best. OBJ is also a reliable format, but few CAD apps export to it. That's where a translator might come in handy.

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