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    Human figure template

    Not really something in Blender, but something that will be used for Blender.

    I'm creating some reference images for the human figure so that I may use them in Blender and maybe learn some anatomy on the way. Hopefully they'll be useful to others when they're finished.

    I took some screenshots of a character in Daz 3D Studio. I plan to trace over this to clearly indicate the outline, major muscle and shape lines, and locations of major bones. The actual model I intend to create will be fairly simple and low poly, but I want a solid basis to work with.

    Right now I'm working on the bones. I'm only indicating bones that I'd use for animation, but they should conform to the real-life skeleton. To all the anatomy experts out there, how am I doing so far?
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    You might want to break his spine into a couple more segments.
    And I think the socket for the femur isn't that far out...

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    Huh. In all the diagrams I've seen the femur socket seems to be just under the hip outline. But I've given it a couple of nudges just in case.

    I also split up the spine a bit. I was trying to take the (unbendable) rib cage into account, but now the flexible part of the spine should be more flexible.

    I might have messed up the placement of the knee. Right now the femur seems to go straight down. Isn't it supposed to point inwards?
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    Hey there. I, too, have been working on a human-like rig and model and have hit many stumps on the way.

    If you want to learn some good anatomy for a modeler, rigger, animator, try "Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body" latest edition if you can, but there are many sites that have very good older editions to read online for free. I go to this particular one,

    Read the Osteology section thoroughly. It will tell you much more than what you need to know.

    Yes, your femur's socket is way off. It is actually aligned farther up than you have it as well as father toward the midial line of the model.

    As for the spine, I would use a series of bones equal to the number of vertabrae and use IK on them.

    As for the other bones, you would be well off to make a rig bone for each of the long bones. You can use just a single bone for the forearm, but I found I can get a good supinate motion, twisting of the wrist, by mimicing both the radius and the ulna and rotating the Radius around the Ulna as in the real arm.

    Other parts like hands, feet, skull, and pelvis can be done with either single bones or simple connections and given a realistic deformation.

    I hope this helps you out a bit. It sure helped me a lot.

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    The shoulder dot is correct in position but too much higher than it must be to rotate correctly. Take it lower the width of two or three fingers of the character.
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    looking good.... I'd say the pelvis looks "off" especially the crotch.....probably because he obviously has no genitals!

    (the silhoette between the legs should probably follow the bottom of his trunks)
    it's like modelling a woman and leaving off the breasts! it's just wrong!
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