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    Creating a 3d model from a 2d image file


    Can anyone help me in creating a 3d model out of a 2d image file?

    My project involves creating a 3d model of a human organ (eg. stomach). I don't have to make the model from scratch and am planning to just get it from a 2d picture from the internet. So, I have to sort of import the picture in Blender and then make it 3d.

    Do I use it as a background image and model with reference to it? or do I use texture mapping? I am considering texture mapping because after I do this, I am required to use the 3d model in an OpenGL virtual environment to incorporate a physics interaction to the object.

    Hope you guys can help.


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    In my opinion I would start off modeling in 2d.

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    serach the forum there are soft available to do that

    but not excellent yet and may be with a lot morevertices then minimum qty of vertices

    but if the model is no that compliccated then do it manually with the pic

    side front top view to gives the proper dimensions of the model

    hope it helps


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    to Advocate:

    After modeling the organ in 2d, then make it into 3d? Is that what you mean?

    to RickyBlender:

    If I would need a complex and accurate model, can't i make it in blender? The software you mentioned, it's a different entity from Blender?

    How about texture mapping?

    Thanks for your replies

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    yes it 's being design by a university in the USA

    ad still sort of a prototype!

    but do you modelling with blender it should be realtively easy to do if you good picture of the model to do!

    happy 2.5

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