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    Which is the best mouse for use with blender (windows)

    Not that the OS seems to matter much.

    I'm wondering if there's consensus amongst you blender artists as to which mouse is most ideal for use with this tool. I'm finding that my logitech middle mouse button, for instance, isn't as easy to click as on some other mice.

    If any of you are very happy with your current mouse, or if you have bought one specifically for use with blender, could you post a few lines on what you're using and the difference it's made?

    Thanks in advance, I'm sure many will appreciate it.

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    Mouses are vital for blender, as you spend so much time moving your wrist and fingers, having an unergonomic mouse is just asking for trouble.

    I'm using a Sharkoon mouse at the moment it's amazingly comfortable, with several buttons, which I can customize.

    I have the thumb buttons set up for rotation, I find the middle mouse button awkward to constantly press when rotating.

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    I really like my Logitech G9. All the buttons are very easy to reach and the mouse feels really good.

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    blender makes use of 3-button wheel mice..
    any comfortable wheel mouse would do.. buying one with extra buttons doesn't give you any advantages..

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    Hello, I am using a Logitech G5 and it works fine although I am thinking of an upgrade to a Logitech performance mouse. For some reason in ubuntu I can use the thumb buttons as middle button it is very convenient, I dont like to use the wheel as a button, where as in windows I cant use it (I guess its only a matter of upgrading the firmware or something like that)

    Now my recomendation is that you will benefit a lot from a design mouse pad like the "wowpad" believe it makes a huge difference, get the big one its awesome!

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    Yes, you want the one with a wheel (do they even make the ones without it?)

    Wheel helps you zoom in and zoom out quick.
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    Originally Posted by dyf View Post
    blender makes use of 3-button wheel mice..
    any comfortable wheel mouse would do.. buying one with extra buttons doesn't give you any advantages..
    I agree. I have blender installed at three pc's with 3 different kinds of mice. One wired laser mouse, one old-school wired ball mouse and one wireless laser mouse. They all work fine so spend your money at a new video card or CPU, but don't waste it by buying an expensive mouse.

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    I recommend Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse för Notebooks, or any newer versions. I use my computer every day, and only have to change battery every 8 months or so.
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    I'd recommend a graphics tablet.... mice are just too un-comfortable for serious work...

    (for me)
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    Originally Posted by Michael W View Post
    I'd recommend a graphics tablet.... mice are just too un-comfortable for serious work...

    (for me)

    I fully agree with Michael!
    Ever since I bought the tablet, my mouse does not do much anymore. Blender is still a bit tricky to use but I'm getting the hang of it ... Love 2.5 Alpha1 :)

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    I agree with the previous post that is the way to go.

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    I recommended 3d Mouse.

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    I got a Wacom Intuos with 4D mouse, a 3D Navigator, a Razer Deathadder and a MS X8.

    The Navigator and Tablet are great for sculpting.
    The Tablet is awesome for drawing (no shit :P )
    The 4D mouse awesome for CAD
    And the X8 superb for gaming.

    All great devices but Hocuspocus. I find the Deathadder most comfy in my hand, I work all day long with blender, every single day, my hand never hurts and is perfectly healthy.
    It is really a matter of preference and personal taste.
    Also a matter of your working environment like screen height relative to your head, the angle of your arm and your hand the height of your table and chair...

    Only thing I hate is to youse the touchpad on my notebook to blend =)

    And basically ever 3 Button Mouse that feels comfy to you is just fine, well even 2 Button if you use the MMB emulation =)
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