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    Amazing work!

    Amazing work!
    I'm just learning to model in Blender and I have a question.
    When making capital ships and smaller craft, do you try to scale them appropriately while modeling or do you wait until placing them in a scene together to adjust the scale?

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    @Rygel: I typically make them all to scale. It's just easier for me that way. So everything is in metric.


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    Amazing. love the camera work, So smooth.
    I can only give suggestions, personal opinions and constructive critique, but it is your decision what you do with it.

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    Man, that's COOL! Whatever you're doing on that initial "sprint" to hyper space, I'd say Hollywood could use a pointer! Sweet stuff!

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    Thanks for sharing so much of your work and process, JDaniels. Took a while to get through the thread but the quality is amazing and very inspiring. You should be working for a film studio!

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