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    Useful threads

    Hello and welcome to the Game Engine Resources forum!

    This is an overview of threads that are for forum users interested in the BGE.

    You can find some selected threads organized by themes at
    - pure resource threads will be referenced in the wiki,
    - tutorials, and other usefull threads will be referenced here
    Beginners please have a look at
    Beginners - where to start



    Post production/marketing






    As you see we have much more space to list threads now. Please make suggestions what else to add.

    Please keep in mind that threads of this forum are contributed by other members. It takes quite some time to prepare threads and posts. It would be nice to rate threads you find useful or leave some comments (not only on listed threads).
    I know by now it looks nothing is rated, but this option is pretty new.

    I will be the main editor of this post.
    Other moderators are welcome to keep this page udated.
    If you are not a moderator, leave a post at the Remarks to the sticky "Useful threads".

    Thanks for reading
    I hope you find it useful

    PS: you can find more guides in my signature
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