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    [Blender 2.5] Panorama render ?

    I'm searching info about make 360 images and only find info about that for 2.49, I wish do it in blender 2.55.1 r33889 ...

    I already notice the panorama option goes from render options to camera options in this version, but I dont find the Xpart and Ypart anywhere... So, I must turn the camera by myself? What is the best method ? Thanks you.

    [edit] Sorry, I found it : in Performace > tiles , X field: 10 and in camera, 5 mm.
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    There's no need to mess with Performance > Tiles.
    In Slot 1 render with Focal Length in 5mm and Panorama off.
    In Slot 2 render with Focal Length in 5mm and Panorama on.
    Watch the difference.

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