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    Queen Ann's Revenge (Blackbeards Pirate Ship)

    Hi Everyone, I thought I'd post my latest W.I.P. "Queen Ann's Revenge"

    I got the line drawings from this website, thank god (hard to say for an atheist like me) for google translation

    From the line drawings I created a frame using bezier curves, and extruded a plane around it... I had tried just extrufing the verts, then found out I had issues placing the cannon, the curves make it easier to add detail down the line, heres a vid showing what you can do in an hour just using the verts... quick, but problematic:

    I then found out that your better off placing the verts from horizontally, rather than vertically :

    Hopefully this will be useful, the mistakes I'm making are certainly helping me...

    One other thing I've found out, is that you dont want to be too precise... this is my biggest hurdle, I need to remember to make it work first, and if the model can vary to make it work... all the better, the plans aren't the be all, end all.

    EDIT: another update
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    lookin good!

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    Cheers Terminator, I still have doors, masts and rigging to do, but had a bit of a play with the renderer, and dof to break up the drudgery of nitpicking

    I'd like to say thanks to Ben for his lighting tutorial, the Depth of field is taken from the Blendercookie virus tutorial.

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    i like it, but it looks like its missing a wall in the back

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    HEEEY i posted on here earlier.. i guess my slow internet means it didnt work.. lol anyway this is what i said before (roughly)

    Nice looking ship! I made an old ship like that a while ago and i found it very difficult to get the hull to look right.. i did not have the type of blueprints that you have though.. (with the letters to say what is where in between front and side view) very handy :P

    good luck with this.. Im looking forward to seeing it textured

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    I used to have a joke about the queen anne's revenge but now I can't remember. Anyway nice model.
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    Looking good. I'm looking forward to seeing the rigging and rest of the detail.

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    i rly like the last render, seems u got the water down on that one
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    try it with ocean sim built

    the waves are quit realist

    should give an even better render !

    are you going to add more texture to it ?
    or just as clay render

    nice work here

    happy 2.5

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    Hmmmm been trying the ocean Sim, and got to the point where creating the foam makes blender chash, had to go to a previous save because even opening the latest save, causes blender to crash in about 30 seconds, I'm at approx step 27-28

    Dont worry to mucch about the sails, I'm going to use a soft body on them after I've added a bit of wear and tear:

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    for next time;

    Use a mirror modifier on your hull mesh and you will only need to create one side. The other side of the ship will be generated automatically. When the hull is finished simply apply the modifier to make it permanent. There are several tutorials on using the mirror modifier.

    Looks like a fun project. I live about 15 miles from Bath, North Carolina where Blackbeard had a home for several years and settled down with a wife before once again taking to piracy.
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    @pharion - what build version are you using for the Ocean Sim? If you built you're own with recent 2.56 builds there will probably be issues, because there are changes that break the Ocean Sim tools. Have you tried using an older Ocean Sim build? Let me know...
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    Hi tmcintosh,
    I usually download the most recent build from Graphicall... version its crashing with is 2.56.2 r35367 I'll download another build today and see it I get the same issue, very nice work by the way, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't think I'd ever need an ocean simulator, I'm glad you proved me wrong

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    looking good!

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    wow i love the waves keep it up!

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    @Pharion - thanks for the comps! The safest bet is to use one our builds from the folder. New versions of 2.56 break the ocean sim and we are waiting for 2.56 to stabilize (or 2.57) before doing a fix and posting an update, as I don't want to ask Matt to update the patch everyday (although anyone else is welcome to!).. Cheers.
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    Nice work. The water looks great.

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    let us know if you can get the oecen sim work
    the waves with foam looks the best i'v seen up to now and would improve your render

    there is another built 499
    hope that one can work for you

    let us know what happen

    happy 2.5

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    Using the build in tmcintosh's link works like a dream, I'll be more than happy to let the SaveTheOceanSim folks use my model when its finished... if they want it.

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    Another update, I've followed the Awesome HDRI tutorial by Greg Zaal,
    Also thanks to CGTuts for their cool free sea hdmi images

    Also, I don't know what happened here, I was experimenting trying to create a nice sail texture that could give a shadow from the mast behind and appeared to have invented an invisibility cloak... kept the file safe as it looked like it might be useful... might be a bug, but hope its a feature.

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