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    FAQ: I cannot post / Reply

    This could be due to a few reasons but some of the most popular ones are below.

    1. The account has not been activated by receiving/clicking on the activation e-mail. Until the account is active posting in regular forums is disabled, though you are able to login. Please see here to get help

    2. To help fight against forum spam bots post from new users ( 10 or less posts ) needs to be approved by a moderator. As moderation is a voluntary service this might take a while depending on the timezone you are live in.

    When in doubt create a place holder thread and then report it with the warning icon on the bottom left of the post. This will notify all moderators whom will be able to help you out directly. Report post is not a negative thing, but more a direct line to the Blender Artists Staff.

    Happy Blending!
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