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    Smoke in cycles ?

    Hi, how I can render a smoke in cycles ? Or is not possible yet ? Because if I want to add volume material it looks like is not able ( button is grayed ) and when i render it I get just a black box from Domain.

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    Not possible yet. I am trying to add this feature, but don't hold your breath, still searning all that sigma phase albedo nightmare, found Metropolis Light transport tricks paper, and direct light part in Cycles, too confused and have no any working code. Too bad it is complex matter for me and cannot just copy-paste from Mitsuba source (best i can found).

    Btw, current Cycles material node have no support of volumetric (need node with sigma density and phase function), even have no concept of current media in main integrator loop.

    Maybe i can do something like simple air fog/mist, it is not require complex marching, but that Metropolis Light transport feature take all my attention, all that yummy pool caustics ... cannot resist.

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