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    My first test with blender fluid simulator.

    Moving obstacle with some impact force applied.


    It's a poor workman who blames his tools.

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    New area light test by italian coffè community
    First of all, we will never end to thank ton for this gift.
    I would like to share the results of some tests I have performed
    this is the image of a face (thank you to Nihilo for the head ) illuminated by an area light very large and by a spot light (aloft to the right) and rendering with the old version of blender

    I save the file and i open it with this build

    and rendering, I notice immediately that the times are substantially similar, but the resultant image

    is identical to the first one!

    specially if compared with the same image by yafray

    But there are differences, and they become evident/visible by disabling the shadows
    we compare the same files but with the shadows disable rendering with the old version. (I have noticed there is not back compatibility, saving with the build and reopening with the old version, the area light existing it in the 3d window but doesn't illuminate in the rendering).
    old version

    rendering with the build

    the difference is evident and highlights an interesting thing: the times of rendering are very short. the area light very large with low intensity could be used without shadows (in these circumstances the shadows in the reality are really inconsistent) with low times of rendering.

    but go back
    playing a little with the paremeter energy and distance I have get something of good

    but the effect is interesting modifying the parameter gamma of the light

    unfortunately, disabling the specular (because it is not influenced by area light yet) the light is a little bit flat.
    The area light offers interesting features for organic, but it is also interesting for architectural lighting to simulate non puntiform lights
    here a comparison

    we see that the area light narrow and long to simulate the neon tube in the old version it didn't light up the back of the chairs, now instead lights up correctly the back without light up the side. excellent. but.
    this test made me notice a strange thing, I put it in evidence in this image

    to the right the image rendering, with the build, highlights how the parallelepiped comes lit up sideways too. (arrow 1). but the parallelepiped back of the area light comes lit up sideways too. (arrow 3) how is it possible if the area light doesn't illuminate in that direction? (arrow 2)

    an another strange behavior has noticed using the adaptative QMC with low samples

    The new area light are a very powerful and useful tool, also without shadows!
    ... but...
    is it possible to make a relation between the specular and the size of area (light)?

    The way the light falls in Blender make very hard to find out the parameters (energy, distance, scale, gamma etc..) needed to have a good result in the image.

    Are the area lights directional or not?

    I hope my tests are useful, and if it is necessary I am ready to make more test (loosing some night helped by a good coffe!)

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    new AAO feature tests

    keep on BLENDING...

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    Approximate Ambient Occlusion Test

    AA0 - Passes:1, Correction:0.544, Error:0.25, Use Falloff, Strength:6.42, Both, Plain, Energy:1
    1 Area Light - Adaptive QMC, Samples:8
    using SVN build rev 13634

    click for larger size

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    Just to test the QMC additions in Blender.

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    Hi...this is officially my first post...but I have been to this site for help many times before and read other peoples threads. Here's what I've been doing with Blender 2.46's cloth and hair features (the best additions in my opinion):

    The hair texture is my biggest problem; I just can't seem to get it to look like hair! It doesn't cast shadows on itself, which is necessary to achieve hair's strandy look. If someone could direct me to a hair texture that was made for the new hair feature in Blender 2.46 (or a tutorial on how to make one) I'd be much obliged.

    NOTE: This is NOT my female model/armature. It is from Kator Legaz's library, and the only things that are mine are the bikini top + bottom, and the hair.

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    Originally Posted by Cessen View Post
    Messing around with the sculpt tools.
    The new sculpt tools are awesome. With this and the retopo feature, I don't think I'll model organics any other way ever again. It's just so much faster and easier (and more fun) to model this way.

    Something like this would have taken me many hours and more than a slight bit of planning using previous methods. Using the sculpt tools, it took me about an hour, and no planning. (Which is not to say that you shouldn't plan for production stuff, but rather that this way of modeling is much more fluid and free, and allows you to adapt and make changes much more easily.)

    I started with three extruded boxes (head, neck, shoulders) and used the sculpt tools from there.
    Where can I find a tutorial on the sculpt tools? Organics is my weak point; maybe this will help me there a little.

    Thank you!

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    Originally Posted by Goofster View Post
    This thread can be used to post your experiments with new features in blender.
    Here's an experiment I did with the sculpting feature, which I know isn't exactly a "new feature", but I thought the outcome was really neat.

    I added an image texture, and it projected the image into 3d! It looks really neat, maybe this is a step on the way to automatic 3d faces from images (that would be awesome!!!).

    If you have any advice for me, please msg me!
    Learning Blender; button....

    Happy Blending!

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    Explode modifier applied to a mesh with a particle system spawning child particles that are instanced with random objects from a group associated to it. Phew!!!! Quite the description.

    Link to blend file: ze blend

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    It's a poor workman who blames his tools.

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    child particles that are instanced with random objects from a group associated to it
    care to explain that procedure/post the blend file?
    nevermind - I've never noticed the "Group" option, only the object option.
    post a blend anyway if you want
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    It makes more sense to put it in the World buttons, I think, because ambience comes from the environment?

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    Quick test of the freestyle shader, using a slightly modified .py

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    Oops... didn't notice this thread (not really done any "tests" before...)

    Would be good if a mod could move my thread/post to here or something, or maybe to the resources section. It's here:
    Anything is possible ...
    Current project: Game engine ragdolls
    I try to stay on the path, but occasionally I get distracted by grand vistas or pretty stones...

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    My test of freestyle for architectural render on vimeo:
    I used a backbone-stretcher module, and some node material Photostories from my wife, photojournalist My professional site (still mostly in french ) about architecture and Blender Fablab near Roanne

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