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Thread: Video editor, Blender 2.59 : how to save MY worked sequence, not a static cube ?

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    Video editor, Blender 2.59 : how to save MY worked sequence, not a static cube ?


    I have an urgent work to do (build a video from pictures and sounds - poems in a local dialect, line by line with the spoken sound).

    It is new for me and I decided to explore BLENDER as fast as possible.

    My test : two images and two ogg sound files.

    I succeeded to create an AVI file with Blender 2.49/Linux Mint-11 (with sound correctly working), but the sound does not seem to work when I take a look on the avi result (the image sequence is correct).

    Then I discovered the 2.5x versions and I installed the latest 2.59 on my desktop Linux Mint-8.

    New GUI ! It took a while to find the output settings...
    I saved my test, reloaded with success; the time window allows me to visualize and hear it correctly.

    When I press Scene--Animation, I see a cube rendered in place of my video sequence. The avi file is created, but with the static cube.

    I spent time to browse the documentation, I found the URL ... Doc:2.5/Manual/Sequencer/Rendering, saying it is very easy. But something is fooling me.

    Thanks for any help,


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    In the Render / Post Processing panel you will need to select the Sequencer

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    Thanks Richard,

    it works now, but yet without sound.

    I suppose I have to toggle some other switch somewhere.
    (it is not a system problem linked to the sound daemon, I checked with a demo AVI movie, its sound is OK).

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