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    Not working for me in 2.78a official. It gives me an error when starting up Blender. It deactivates my previous shortcut to place the cursor. Is that normal?

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    animani, what does the error say?

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    RuntimeError: class WM_OT_enhanced_3d_cursor_registration, function modal: incompatible return value , str(, Function.result expected a set, not a NoneType)

    The funny thing is I lose the current setting for my 3D cursor shortcuts and when I try to activate it by checking the item box it reverts back to uncheck. I mean I can see it unchecking. Is this something that should be happening?
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    animani, you have a very old version of the addon. Install the latest one.
    Deactivation of the default cursor shortcut is indeed the intended behavior (since the addon is supposed to "override" the default operator).

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    Do I have an old version? I got it from here:

    Is that the latest? I copied that link from your first post where it says its the latest.

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    Ah, thanks for pointing that out! Blender at some point has switched to a different repository, and I changed the link in the wiki, but completely forgot about the first post here. Sorry
    I edited the first post, it now points to my repository at github.

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    Ah yeah that happens sometimes I thought that would be the case. Thanks!

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    Darcvizer, does the error appear every time you try to move the cursor, or only when certain objects are present in the scene?
    Can you share the file you were working with?

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    It was the only time.
    The error was only on the object from the whole scene and I deleted it from it.
    I can send the file but there's already no this error.

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    I see. If the error appears again (and is reproducible), feel free to send me the corresponding file :-)

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    Originally Posted by dairin0d View Post
    I see. If the error appears again (and is reproducible), feel free to send me the corresponding file :-)
    This is absolutely brilliant I want this in blender trunk xD

    There is a problem with addon when you restart blender its not working even if its enabled. Only way to make it work again is disable and enable addon again which is pain to do everytime you restart.
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    I thought it was already. I don't remember downloading it but I do remember it being in my /program files/blender/ directory.
    I'm using version 2.79 now and it was missing, so I figure it's either currently going to be removed (like several other addons), or it's supposed to be re-added later

    Anyway, I was thinking that I'd probably want to use this addon again but after testing it a bit, I found out that it doesn't work with empties/proxies. The regular cursor detects them but this doesn't see them as meshes or whatever, so I can't use it.

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    I just found out that Ctrl+Shift+A [Make Duplicates Real] can be used to make real proxy-copies and it creates meshes that work with this.

    Additionally, with proxies you can only use the character/rig once, and all copies will copy the same animation/pose, whereas with Real ones they can be individual models, and all the other proxy things still work, like refreshing mesh/rigs.

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