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    This project looks awesome! Animation is seamless, good job!

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    Outstanding character animation and controls. Professional level.

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    Did a quick video, I don't know why the videos quality came out so bad when uploaded to youtube. O well...

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    Nice work

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    Great work so far, I'm definitely interested to see this project evolve!

    I have one small criticism to offer: the water is too opaque, and the color looks a little off(for my tastes). A simple reflaction map could help greatly as well. Now, if you know that's the look you want to go for, then pay me no heed.

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    Faith 2 is a great improvement taking as reference Faith 1; you looking for more skilled people to help you out shows you really want to do something special.

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    The water's too opaque, and it's too blue - almost like hair gel. I think making the color more green would help. Also, I think he could stand to play a rolling animation when he lands from a forward jump. Otherwise, it's looking pretty good. Nice graphics and animations. Keep it up!

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    Thanks everyone, yeah the waters definitely a work in progress haha, just playing around with it until I find good settings...just never thought it'd be as hard as it is lol.

    Well as I was writing this I decided to go and play around with some more settings, and this is what I came up with

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Great job,guys! I especially love the ladder climbing!
    Small crits. Boy walks on next to shore water.Wooden boxes fly too far and sink in water. Water in them vessels shouldn't be animated.Even strong wind wouldn't stir it that much. When landing after jumping on the clifs it looked as if gravity is too weak. The small earth "hump" at 1:00 in video is too sharp and it's texture camouflages it perfectly with the ground. It pops up very surprisingly.
    I know it's all still wip,just pointing things you probably know,but thought I should remind you Keep it up!
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    Wow! I just saw the video and I'm impressed. IMO you could improve the jumping animation: when he jumps it's like he's making no effort and then starts flying, Matrix-style. Other than that it's very good. The ladder and object-picking/throwing animations are really cool.
    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    The water looks much better already, but I still would make it more transparent. If you really want the transparency to look realistic, then implement a fake fresnel effect with shader nodes: when the water is viewed at a more glancing angle, it should be more opaque, and when it's viewed more head-on, it should be more transparent.

    You can do this by taking a dot product of the surface normal(using the "normal" node), and using RGB curves to tweak it(and invert it). Then use that as the transparancy factor.

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    Heh, heh, we'll see if we will add that in

    For now I got a nice little update on the logic.
    The character's camera used to be controlled by two types of input.
    1. Joystick Input (XBox Controller)
         - Camera movement: Right Analogue Stick
         - Camera Zooming: Small Circular Pad
    2. Keyboard Input
         - Camera movement: Any four keys you want
         - Camera Zooming: Any two keys you want
    As you can see the keyboard controlling of the camera is just frustrating and inconvenient. Too many keys to control the camera when you need them to actually play the game!

    So I added in a third type of input,
    3. Mouse Input
         - Camera movement: Mouse movement
         - Camera Zooming: Hold the middle mouse button and drag in or out
    Oh, and you can use any type of joystick, I just use an Xbox 360 controller. Karl uses a PS3 controller (I think?), so it should be OK for other joysticks!

    I also added a few extra things for customizability.

    I put in a universal sensitivity controller (There is no GUI so you just change numbers a file for now), this works for the mouse, keyboard and joystick. By changing its sensitivity, you change all the sensitivities.

    And of course, an invert camera controller on the Y and X.

    Inverted Controls on Y:
    Up real -> Down in game
    Down real -> Up in game
    Inverted Controls on X:
    Left real -> Right in game
    Right real -> Left in game
    Basically I just made the entire camera control totally customizable. Expect for the speed of the zoom in and out. I could make that also customizable, but I don't think it would matter. If people ask for it, I'll add it in. I just feel like there's no need for it.

    That's it for this update!

    Very nice screen Karl, haha, looking better and better..
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    Hey Linkxgl looks awesome and good luck with this one

    ohh and btw i actually like the Faith II name

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    Cool! add animated water displacement if you can.

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    Also, don't make NPCs receive shadows.

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    Hey everyone. I've made a video addressing a problem and showing a small update.

    Karl and I have done a lot more than what you actually see in the video. Really, the purpose of the video was just to show the problem which is in the target system.

    I kept stuttering in the video, I can't talk very well on the spot.

    Here's how it works:
    1. Get vector from player to closest enemy.
    2. Align empty to the enemy vector
    3. Player copy the Z value of the aligning empty

    That's basically how it works. So why is it that if my back is facing the enemy the player doesn't turn around?

    If you want to know what I'm talking about, watch the video.
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    Can I see the script? or at least the part that is not working well, I think I can help you.

    Can you use a "track to" nearest enemy?

    P.s. Amazing work
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