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    Skin shading in cycles!!

    Hey guys,
    Ive got a project of a single image including a human, and I want to do it in cycles because I want it to look realistic. Afterfirst playing around with it I noticed the missing of sss... does anyone know how to make a realistic skin shader in cycles?

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    SSS is not yet supported.

    I have patch for volumetric render in cycles that was supposed to do the job, you can try it from graphicall or compile yourself. But it use complete general physically based model, and take ages to converge to something. Unfortunately, Cycles have no bi-directional integrator, and you cannot get usual "light source close to surface" like candle look, only background light work as intended with patch. There are other many known algorithms that try to fake SSS, and get almost noise less image in fraction of time, they will be more practical. Currently I attracted by "MLT integrator", playing with some ideas, no success for now but keep trying, it screw all my code so no updates to that volumetric patch.

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    I recently completed a project which desperately needed SSS as well so hopefully you or Brecht or someone will get this in soon. Its amazing how much SSS is used in people's work just to get it to that extra level of realism.

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    is there a cycle version i can use for vista 32 bits CPU style?

    cannnot find anything on graphical org

    wold be nice to try it and begin to understand this new cycle feature

    happy 2.6
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    i think translucent shader can do the job. I'll make a test later

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    ok we are beginning to get some cycle included now at graphcial SVN

    so it would be interesting to get more and more material type like skin
    probably a sort of shader mix diffuse with some translucent or tranps mat

    but if you find a good one let us know !

    happy 2.6
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    I saw someone composite a blender internal pass with subsurface onto a cycles render, and it looked really good. I think they used an add node. Hopefully this will spur some ideas.

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