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    Originally Posted by taxishop View Post
    can you please use the latest build from here:
    like "" with the optimized opencl settings and post the results with 480?
    I did use yesterday's build from buildbot. I've now downloaded the latest one you indicated and set:

    Feature Set: Supported
    Disabled Spatial Splits
    Disabled Hair BVH
    Tiles X: 480; Y: 270

    But I still used 1225 samples (35 squared) as set in the file and used in the benchmark in the link I posted.
    After the render kernel was loaded, I stopped and restarted the render.

    And the render time was 3:56.51 (236.51 seconds)

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    ok, thanks, but we have to get the same settings, otherwise you render much more then here my settings...can you please set these settings and render again, because these are the standard settings from the original least, i downloaded it a time ago, so i suppose, all the settings are the same...i did not expect that on the settings are i suppose everyone on this forum has the same settings, or we have to post also the other settings, like sampling:


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    With the same settings but 400 AA samples I'm getting 1:20.96 (80.96 seconds)

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    this is the right i said before, amd rx 580 = gtx 1060, probably a bit better (up to 10%) than 1060...

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    i propose to write more info-values than gtx580 1:20, probably something like this, please use this format, otherwise there is a lot of confusion and no usefull information, a small change in one of these settings can make a huge difference:

    Bmw2.7 Benchmark (2x BMW) -
    Windows 10 64
    GPU Asus GTX 960 AMP
    CPU AMD 8320
    Blender 2.78c
    Total samples:400 AA
    Light Paths: Bounces - min 3 / max 32

    Time GPU 2:04 / tiles 480 x 270

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    Use one tile when rendering.
    I can only give suggestions, personal opinions and constructive critique, but it is your decision what you do with it.

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    With the latest builds of blender a very large tile size doesn't yield many benefits anymore.

    Release notes for the upcoming 2.79 version:

    The amount of work that the compute device does at once is now determined automatically to fill available memory, independent of tile size. This reduces render times by up to 50% in certain cases, without the need to adjust the tile size for every scene or system configuration. (230c00d)

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    Apr 2012
    Univers Zéro
    Windows 10 x64
    Blender 2.78c x64
    GPU 1 : GTX 580 3Gb
    GPU 2 : GTX 780 6Gb
    CPU : i7 980x/24 gb RAM

    Time with GTX 580 : 1:51.03
    Time with GTX 780 : 1:21.16
    Time with both : 0:56.68

    With CPU and 32x32 : 4:17.49

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