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    VisFX Blender Project 6: Beep Boop Bop A Love Story

    Hey everyone!

    Here's project 6: Beep Boop Bop A Love Story!

    The goal was to use Cycles for a compositing project! I'm fairly satisfied with the results

    The breakdown is up over on the blog!

    Let me know what you think!
    C&C Greatly appreciated!

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    looks great, and funny story! i really like your style, especially the breakdowns. like you say, i find them a lot more effective than "copycat" tutorials.
    cant wait to see the breakdown on this one!

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    Beautiful! Waiting for the breakdown.

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    Haha great work! Really great presentation with trailer too! Love it, you da man!

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    that was spectacular! i love the ending with "coming never" .... very well done dude!

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    Great job Really all in all a great little clip, good audio, good animation and really felt like a professional movie preview. I liked the part where the robot flipped his head back to cry "NO!" at the gods haha. Great job with cycles as well, keep up the good work!
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    Wow! Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! It means a lot to me!

    I posted a link to the breakdown over at the blog in the first post, by the way!
    Website/Demo Reel:

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    awesome, watching now!
    thats ahead of schedule.
    and i subbed to you on youtube.

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    You're my hero!
    Thank you so much. Excellent video tutorial.
    Just a question: When rendering a scene with transparent background, DOF defocus reacts badly producing a visible line artifact around the object. There isn't any DOF map export from cycles. I missed something here?

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    Very nice and moving, thank you for sharing

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    Brilliant! Loved the whole thing- the integration of CG with the footage was awesomely done!
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    @Michalis: Hm. I haven't had that issue. When I render with a transparent background in the viewport, I do get bright edge artifacts.
    However, when I render out a final image, everything seems to work fine! Have you done a final render yet? A couple other things that might cause it:
    -Low render samples
    -You might be premultiplying somewhere in your node setup or in the alpha over node. There is no reason to premultiply because it comes from cycles already premultiplied.

    If the problem persists, let me know, and we'll figure this out!

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
    Any comments or criticisms that you all have are greatly appreciated!
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