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    Importing OBJ files with the MTL?

    Hi. I have some .obj files that I've downloaded, but when I import them into either Blender 2.49b, 2.5 Alpha 0, or 2.58, they show up without a material, and are just gray. As the model came with a .max as well, I tried to import the textures provided for that to the .obj, but that didn't turn out too well. One model did end up importing the obj, but got terribly overexposed with the smallest light. I was wondering if I need to do something to correctly import .mtl files. All my other .obj's just show up gray.

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    Check the mtl file to ensure correct link to texture files.
    Check your material / texture settings to ensure if textures are detected that they are applied correctly.
    In the obj import settings ensure you tick 'Image Search'
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